A VPN connection for Windows 10

Using a VPN connection is the preferred way to securely send private data and secret information over the Internet. In addition, you are sure that your identity and the place where you are will remain unknown. Most VPN services offer VPN software that is compatible with almost all operating systems, and nowadays also with Windows 10. Read more about how a VPN works, what its benefits are and how you can set up a connection on Windows 10.

Your data in the safe hands of a VPN connection

Since hackers are lurking everywhere to steal the passwords, PINs and bank details of unsuspecting internet users, you better keep your data secure. With a Windows VPN connection, this is a piece of cake: the VPN software encrypts the data flow to and from your PC or mobile device. This encryption is so thorough that a possible hacker cannot do anything with the data he has stolen.

Guaranteed anonymity on the web

If you want to visit a website via a VPN connection, your PC or mobile device will first make contact with a VPN server somewhere abroad. This foreign VPN server will then establish a connection to the requested website. The advantage of this is that your internet address (the so-called IP address) is not known. After all, the website you visit only registers the IP address of the VPN server. Because the true IP address of the visitor is not known, your identity and your location cannot be tracked. You surfs the web anonymously and your surfing behaviour is not monitored by all kinds of websites or organizations, which is otherwise the case.

No location known

The fact that it is not known where you are also offered many advantages. You can pretend to be in another country and access the full content of foreign websites, something that is often not possible in the Netherlands. In countries where the government prevents access to certain websites or social media, you can still reach blocked websites via a VPN connection.

A VPN connection Windows 10

In the new Windows 10 operating system, you can easily set up a permanent VPN connection. Click the “Notifications” icon in the system tray, and then click the “VPN” button. In the screen you now see, click on “Add a VPN connection”. In the next screen, enter the necessary information about the VPN server and the VPN protocol (you normally received this information from your VPN provider). Finally, enter your username and password. You can now use this configured Windows 10-style VPN connection to quickly establish a VPN connection. With the GOOSE VPN software, you can use a VPN without all these difficult settings. You download the software, log in and click connect.


Try a VPN connection with GOOSE VPN

GOOSE VPN offers an excellent VPN service at an affordable price. You already have a subscription from 1.80. The GOOSE VPN VPN software is compatible with Windows (also Windows 10!), Mac, Android and iOS. Click here to register.