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Whether you are on a holiday, traveling for work or you are simply in the Netherlands, you will of course want to watch that important, exciting football match. But this is often not possible from abroad. To be able to have access to all websites everywhere, you can surf via GOOSE VPN from now on.

Your IP address reveals where you are

It has become completely normal to be able to access the Internet from everywhere. Wherever you are, shopping in the city, walking in the forest or in a boring lecture in college, you always want to be available. This way, you can always receive your apps, check  Facebook quickly or even watch a series or movie. This is also all possible abroad. But your mobile, tablet or laptop always transmits your IP address when you create a connection with the Internet. This address is a unique number, with which computers can identity each other. It also indicates where in the world you are and this means that companies can make it so that surfers from abroad can not make use of their services. The contents of their websites is then not available to you.

"I LOVE IT... Very good VPN, thank you!!!"

- Jelissa

Never miss another football match

If football is important to you, you don’t want to miss one match. You want to be able to follow how your favorite team is doing, or maybe you want to be able to follow all matches, for example of the European Cup or World Championship. This has to be possible, even from abroad, because technology makes a lot possible nowadays. But sometimes it seems that technology isn’t everything. When you are traveling, it often appears that you do not have access to the streaming websites abroad, because they are paid. And the Dutch streams don’t work, either. These are only accessible for devices in that country. And seeing the fact that your mobile or laptop transmits the IP address and says that you are enjoying the sun in France (well, the part about enjoying the sun is not transmitted of course) these sites are not available. And unfortunately this means: you can’t watch football!

Smart solution of GOOSE

When technology is not cooperating, there is only one thing left to do, and that is being smarter than technology. With GOOSE VPN, this will certainly work! But with a connection via GOOSE VPN you will get access to various IP addresses, making it seem like you are surfing from the Netherlands, while you are abroad. You can easily switch between the IP addresses and it is always secure and quick. This way, you can watch your favorite football games everywhere, at all times! The Internet of GOOSE can be used on all devices. Profit off of the possibilities to surf from wherever you want and to gain access to all websites. With GOOSE VPN you will never need to miss another football match!

“For only a small amount of money I can save loads of money on online shopping. You are totally worth the money, GOOSE!”

- Lois

Try the VPN service of GOOSE VPN immediately

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"I LOVE IT... Very good VPN, thank you!!!"

- Jelissa

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