Get access to online games with a VPN

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Get access to online games with a VPN

Online games are a part of the every day routine for many people. It doesn’t matter whether these are simple games on a website, or a large online multiplayer tournament. In any case, employers aren’t too happy about this and thus IT staff often blocks access to online games. This of course leads to great disappointment among the game lovers, who prefer to spend their breaks on the web. Moreover it is not unusual that social media websites such as Facebook and YouTube are blocked as well. Luckily there is a solution to all of this, and in this article you will read how you can still play games or check your timeline!

The use of a VPN

A Virtual Private Network ensures that you can use the Internet anonymously, this is because your IP address is protected from any prying eyes and thus employers. This also ensures for a safer Internet connection, making the chance of hackers and viruses smaller. VPN connections can be used on any mobile device, even on your mobile phone.

How a VPN deblocks games

The entire network within an office often makes use of a general IP address. To block game websites and other sites, the IT experts make sure that a website will not allow the IP address in question. But, when you use a VPN connection, you will temporarily make use of a different IP address, making it seem to the website as if you are looking for access from a different location. And this in turn means that your access is no longer blocked! It can be that easy to deblock game websites.

Other methods

A VPN service is by far the best method to deblock websites at work on at school, but of course there are a number of other options as well:

  1. SmartDNS: this works in a similar manner as a VPN connection, seeing as you are using the Internet with an alternate ISP address. Because of this, your IP comes from a SmartDNS server, and you can still get access to blocked sites.
  2. Proxy servers: they function as middleman between the Internet and your system, making it seem like your connection is created from a distance. With this, you can change your IP address. Contrary to the VPN connection, this method of using the Internet is not encrypted. Additionally, the use of proxy servers often means you will have to deal with delays, and this is why it is not recommend for gaming.

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Installing a VPN plugin

A VPN connection is and remains the best way to deblock websites at school and at work. Even during your regular activities, a VPN connection is a good idea because you are using it as a means of securing your data. If you would like to try out a VPN service, GOOSE VPN might be a good option for you. This simple, accessible VPN can be used for free for one month, afterwards it will be t $ 2.99 per month. There are also free VPN services available, but these are often slow and susceptible for spam. Click here to try GOOSE VPN 30 days for free.

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