GOOSE VPN software update 3.1.5.

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Software update 3.1.5.

We have been very busy with an update lately. This resulted in a new update for GOOSE, which is available from this day forward. We have solved a bug that closed GOOSE when your Mac entered sleep mode.

In order to help you as good as possible (think about a lost connection or a bug in API) we need some information from the software when it is running. Since it is very hard to get this information form your computer, we have built a system that automatically sends the requested information to GOOSE. You can find this option under “settings” at support ticket. If you click on send, the support team from GOOSE will receive the information. Don’t forget to fill in the contactform on the website, so we can notify you when the problem has been solved.

"Installation went smoothly on my Macbook. It feels safe, it's always turnt on and happy it blocks most annoying adds too."

- WIlliam

Some users informed us that they were having some trouble with the contact form on the website. Thanks to this issue we have never received your messages. Our apologies if we have not contacted you since you have sent us a mail. From this day forward you’ll receive a conformation that we’ve received your support ticket. In case this doesn’t happen for whatever reason, feel free to send a mail to

Down below you’ll find a list of all the servers that are available. In case you are looking for a specific server, feel free to contact us. We’ll see what we can do for you.

– Austria, Wien
– Belgium, Brussel (Download)
– Denmark, Kopenhagen
– Egypt, Cairo (Download)
– Finland, Helsinki
– Singapore, Singapore
– Germany, Frankfurt 1
– Germany, Frankfurt 2
– Moldava, Chisinau (Download)
– The Netherlands, Amsterdam 1
– The Netherlands, Amsterdam 2
– The Netherlands, Amsterdam 3
– The Netherlands, Amsterdam 4
– Norway, Oslo (Download)
– Russia, Moscow 1
– Russia, Moscow 2 (Download)
– Ukraine, Kiev (Download)
– United Kingdom, London 1
– USA, Dallas
– United Kingdom, London 2
– USA, Fremont 1
– USA, Fremont 2
– USA, Pilot Mountain
– USA, Houston

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Rated with a 8.6 on!

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"I LOVE IT... Very good VPN, thank you!!!"

- Jelissa

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- Jack

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