Prohibition of selling media players with Kodi that allow streaming

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The European Court has decided to ban the media players with the possibility to stream films and series. The ban on the sale of media players with Kodi that allows streaming, ensures providers of these devices can now be stopped. The ability to use the media players to stream without paying for it, is in violation of the copyright. Bad news for media player providers. But what about the users? There are a number of things to keep in mind when using Kodi, the software that can be used for streaming on the media players. A VPN offers the solution!

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Victory for Stichting Brein

The ruling is the result of the long-term conflict between anti-piracy club Stichting Brein and, a well-known media player provider. The media player may infringe the copyright. Software can be installed on the devices to watch illegal movies and series. The most used software for this is Kodi. At European level, it has now been decided that media players are responsible for this, so punishable. This means victory for Stichting Brein. Brain foreman Tim Kuik is very pleased with the decision.

As a counter argument, says that the series and movies are not downloaded but streamed via Kodi. This means that the video is not officially owned by the user. But the European Court does not agree with this. Streaming is also prohibited. It is notable that the European Court of Justice has expressed its opinion about illegal streaming for the first time. This means that this statement can be used for subsequent copyright issues.

Consequences of the ban on the sale of media players with Kodi

The verdict is final. Although this is irrevocable, media player providers do not yet have to stop selling immediately. The European Court of Justice must still process the charge of the Central Netherlands court, where it was initially filed. So media players the ones feeling the heat with this ban. But what about the users of these media players and Kodi? According to the European Court, the user of media players are not yet addressed. But this can not take long. When the providers are being continued, it becomes easier to find out who the users are. Streaming movies and series through the media player shows the user’s IP address, and therefore your identity. The best solution for users: Use a VPN!

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