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Tips & Tricks for using GOOSE VPN

Did you know that there are many advantages to using a VPN connection when flying over the internet? With the tips & tricks below, you can use GOOSE VPN to the max and use the internet safely.

#1 Enjoy your favorite steaming services anywhere in the world

Did you know that the available offer of your favorite streaming services can differ per country? It might be possible that your favorite movie or the newest season of your favorite series is not available in the Netherlands, but it is abroad.

Luckily you already have the solution within read; GOOSE VPN!

With a VPN connection you get another IP address. To the streaming services it seems as if you are in another country. This way you can stream content from Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube or Ziggo GO from wherever you want.

Do you want to use of this? Go through the steps below:

  1. Install GOOSE VPN on the device you want to use for streaming.
  2. Connect with the country of which you want to see the available offer.
  3. Go the the website, or open the application, of your favorite streaming service.
  4. Enjoy the available offer!

I have one more extra tip just for you! If you are on holidays, you don’t always have access to the Dutch available offer. By using GOOSE VPN you can view the Dutch offer during your holidays abroad!

#2 Work without care from anywhere

Thanks to the internet we can work from wherever we want; that has been proven during the worldwide Corona pandemic.

However, when you are working remote, your internet connection might not be as safe as at the office. With GOOSE VPN this problem is history!

Wherever you work: your internet connection is always protected with GOOSE VPN. You can bypass blockades that your location entails and you are a lot more anonymous. With GOOSE VPN you can work carefree from:

  • Home ?
  • De koffietent op de hoek ??
  • Het buitenland; lekker op een tropisch eiland ?

#3 Find the best deals wherever you are

Did you know that a flight ticket from Schiphol to the United States might be cheaper when you book it from within the US? This can also apply to electronics, clothing, and accommodations. The differences can amount to hundreds of euros!

Besides, the available offer abroad can also differ from the offer in the Netherlands. The shoes you really wanted to have were only released in a certain part of the world. With GOOSE VPN you can remove these geo-blocks.

Find the best deals:

  1. Empty your browser’s cookies
    How do you do this? Click here for Chrome, here for Safari
  2. Open GOOSE VPN and connect with a VPN server in another country.
  3. Open a private browser window
    How do you do this? Click here for Chrome, here for Safari.
  4. Go to the website on which you want to find a better deal.
  5. Compare the price with the price you’ve found earlier in another country.
  6. Want to find an even better deal? Repeat the previous steps again and change the country you connect with at step 2.

Note: it is not guaranteed that you’ll find a better deal. However, it’s definitely worth a try!

#4 Install GOOSE on all your devices

It is our mission to give everyone acces to open internet; any time, anywhere.

That’s why it is possible to login to GOOSE VPN at unlimited devices. Think of:

  • Mobile phones (iOS, Android) ?
  • Desktops and laptops (MacOS, Windows, Linux) ?
  • Televisions (Android TV) ??
  • Routers ?

#5 Share your subscription with friends and family

You can share your GOOSE account with your friends and family. We feel that everyone has the right to have access to open and safe internet. That’s why you can login to your account at unlimited devices.

Note: We advise you not to share your GOOSE VPN Pro with Cyber Alarm. When more than 1 user use Cyber Alarm, it is difficult to determine who caused the alarm.

#6 Safely use public WiFi networks

If you are always on the road you will often connect with public WiFi networks, for example in public transport, a hotel, or a restaurant. Unfortunately, these networks are not always sufficiently protected. Someone who want to do harm can easily watch over everything you do and steal your sensitive details, such as passwords.

GOOSE VPN offers a simple way to prevent that. If you have enabled the VPN, all your internet traffic is routed through a secure tunnel. Others will be able to see that you’ve connect to the network, but they wont be able to figure out what you are doing thanks to the strong encryption our VPN uses. This way you can safely use public WiFi networks.


Do you have questions about the VPN or do you need help with the installation? Our support geese are 24/7 available for support. Just send a message to and we will help you within one hour.

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