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How to unblock WhatsApp in Brazil?

Internet is a part of our lives. We were introduced to different applications or apps that have made our lives a lot easier with the rise of the smartphone and tablet. One is WhatsApp, an application that in recent years has become very popular for sending messages to each other or to make short calls.

Brazil blocks WhatsApp application

In Brazil, the application is the second most popular form of social media, after Facebook. Millions of Brazilians use the application daily and with them a lot of tourists who use this technological gadget to keep in touch with the home front during their vacation. You will therefore be able to easily estimate how annoying it was when we say that a judge decided to block WhatsApp in Brazil. The reason would be that the court needed information from WhatsApp, something that WhatsApp does not have, according to their CEO. However, it is not the first time that the application has been blocked in Brazil. A serious inconvenience for millions of Brazilians, and a lot of tourists.

Accessing blocked apps

But in times when there are constantly new gadgets on the market and the Internet is always getting better and better, we can reassure you that also for this inconvenience, there is a way for to circumvent this block. With the aid of a VPN or Virtual Private Network, you can avoid these geographical restrictions and even use WhatsApp in Brazil and other blocked websites. A Virtual Private Network is a secure connection that goes through a server in a country of choice that serves as an intermediate station. This way, you do not only enjoy secure internet connection but you also change your IP address to a location of your choice.

Perfect for avoiding geographic restrictions. For travelers who are often dependent on foreign public Wi-Fi in hotels or airports, this connection has another additional advantage. The public wifi is often very unsafe as any user or hacker can check your personal data when connected to the same network. With a Virtual Private Network, you will go online through an encrypted and secure connection.

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