Unblock YouTube in Germany with a VPN

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Unblock YouTube in Germany with a VPN

Who travels in Germany a lot, probably experienced it: a lot of YouTube movies cannot be watched in Germany. It seems that around 62% of the 1000 most watched YouTube videos cannot be viewed in Germany. The German GEMA organization who is in control of music rights, has been in conflict with YouTube for years. The conflict started in 2009 when a previous agreement between GEMA and YouTube came to an end. Unblock YouTube in Germany with a VPN, you can read how to right here.

Too much money asked from YouTube

GEMA asks too much money from YouTube for them to show videos in Germany. Per showed video, GEMA asks 1 eurocent while the United Kingdom for example, asks only 0,22 eurocents per video. In 2012, YouTube supposed to have paid 1.6 million euro to GEMA if all videos would be watchable. This is why YouTube blocks part of its content for German users because otherwise the amount to be paid to GEMA, for the rights only, would be way too much.

Solution: Use a VPN connection

Thankfully using a VPN, a Virtual Private Network, also brings a solution for this problem. A VPN connection makes use of existing internet connections, but the data which is being sent is encrypted in a secret way. A hacker does not stand a chance if he wants to obtain this data. Plus, you will be surfing the web completely anonymous: your IP-address cannot be traced and your real location is unknown. You can pretend like you’re in another country.

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So if you want to watch a certain YouTube video in Germany, then you will use a VPN connection. From a German location you will establish a VPN connection with a VPN server which is, for example, in the United States. Through this VPN server you will now be able to watch your favourite YouTube video. YouTube will see an American IP-address (no German IP-address!), and will not block any videos for you.

Other advantages of a VPN connection

Not just blocked YouTube movies, but also Netflix shows or TV-shows which cannot be watched in every country can be watched without easily by using a VPN connection. Your identity remains anonymous and the data will be encrypted. Also on public unsecured Wi-Fi networks, hackers will not be able to obtain your personal data. Read more about the advantages of a VPN here. Read also: Why use a VPN?

How do you get a VPN connection?

There are many providers that offer VPN services. The VPN service of GOOSE VPN has many benefits. For just 2,99 euro per month you can browse the web completely safe and anonymous.

GOOSE VPN is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. So you can also establish a VPN connection with your tablet and your smartphone. The installation of the VPN software is a piece of cake: you only need to follow three steps. Within a minute, you will be online.

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