Watch Dutch television abroad? Borderless Internet with GOOSE VPN

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Watch Dutch television abroad? Borderless Internet with GOOSE VPN

Let’s say you’re on a holiday in Greece. It’s Sunday evening, seven o ‘clock and you want to watch Studio Sport to see your favorite club play football. The TV in your hotel room does not come with any Dutch channels. You are thinking: no problem, I’ll watch it online. But what happens when you go to the Dutch website? It says “This episode is not available for viewing at your location”. If only you had a VPN connection, then you could watch your favorite TV shows everywhere in the world.

Borderless Internet

A Virtual Private Network, the official name for VPN, allows you to be connected with a server in the Netherlands anywhere in the world. This makes it possible for you to watch shows and visit websites that are blocked abroad. The Internet was once a worldwide network that everyone could make use of without limitations. Unfortunately this is no longer the case. Many TV shows nowadays have been protected for all kinds of commercial rights and can only be watched from the country they are broadcasted in. VPN will once again make the Internet a borderless experience.

Dutch television abroad

When you are in the Netherlands, it is so easy to watch shows by RTL, SBS or NPO via your computer or smartphone – it’s like watching a real TV. However when you go on a holiday, or you are studying or working abroad, this becomes a different story. It comes down to this: without a virtual private network you can forget about watching the WC Football, the Olympic Games or the Tour de France via a Dutch TV channel. Luckily a solution has been found and there are network providers such as Goose who make it super easy for you to watch Dutch television from anywhere in the world.

“Due a bad experience I was not a big fan of internet banking anymore and I rather use a VPN service nowadays. Thanks to GOOSE's protection I feel safe online again.”

- Petra


What exactly does a Virtual Private Network do? Like the name suggests, it is a private network that allows you to surf the Internet anonymously. Your data will go through some kind of tunnel and is made unrecognizable. So when you are at your holiday destination in Greece, the website that you are looking at can not retrieve the Greek IP address. Because Goose will redirect you to an IP address in the Netherlands. So it looks like you’re simply in the Netherlands.

Access to television abroad

With a simple click you can now also connect to any server in the United States or Great Britain and watch shows can not be watched in the Netherlands. Moreover, it is possible to shop on foreign websites that sometimes block Dutch IP addresses. An important advantage of anonymous surfing after all is that you are safe on the Internet. Because your data is encoded, hackers don’t stand a chance!

Do you also want to surf safely, anonymously and without limitations? Do you want to watch Dutch television while you are abroad? Try GOOSE one month for free.

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