5 ways to watch YouTube videos that aren’t available in your region

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YouTube is the world most popular and most used platform to share and watch video content. Especially the ease of uploading a clip and sharing it with your friends is the reason why the website is visited daily by millions of users. However, sometimes you aren’t able to watch certain videos. I’m sure you’ve seen the message “This video isn’t available in your region.” once before. Today, we present you five different methods to circumvent this problem.

Why does YouTube prevent me from watching the video?

Many users from all around the world are faced with this problem. The reason behind it is that the government of the country in which the user resides have requested a ban on certain video content. Many governments do so in order to make specific videos inaccessible to the grand public. It even happens that a certain video is only accessible in the country it originates from.

How do you solve this problem?

When using the following methods below, you will be able to watch any YouTube video of your own choosing.

  1. Proxies
    A first possibility to bypass the restrictions on a video is to use a proxy. This allows you to hide your IP address by connecting through the internet through another computer. Your IP address is only visible for other users on the same network.
  2. Hola extension
    Hola is a free browser extension that works through browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It changes your IP address by simply pressing the button. Please read this article first: Free Hola VPN is insecure
  3. Change the URL
    If you do not want to use an extension or free proxies, then you can just change the URL. Changing ‘/watch?v=’ to ‘/v’ will often fix the problem and allow you to view the video.
  4. Download the video
    If none of these solutions seems right to you, you still have the option to just download the video. With an online video converter like KeepVid or Clipconverters, you can easily download and watch the desired video offline on your computer or laptop. Even though it works, it’s quite cumbersome to download every single clip.
  5. Use a VPN service
    One of the biggest reasons why internet users use a Virtual Private Network is to bypass geo restrictions. A VPN not only allows you to change your IP address, but also encrypts your internet connection. Even though securing your connection is of great importance, it is your changed IP address that allows you to watch restricted videos.

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