Why a VPN when you use Popcorn Time

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Why a VPN when you use Popcorn Time

Why use a VPN when you want to watch a movie via Popcorn Time? A couple of years ago, it suddenly became very popular in the Netherlands: the online service Popcorn Time. By making use of this online service, you can watch all of your favorite movies and series by streaming them. You search for a movie or series, you select this movie or series and you will immediately get to see the video in high quality on your Windows or Mac computer. This way, you no longer need to buy movies or series on DVD or BluRay; you simply watch them online.

Downloading movies and series: it is illegal in the Netherlands

Nowadays you don’t hear much anymore about this online service to stream movies and series, and that’s not so surprising. Popcorn Time is illegal in the Netherlands, simply because the online service works via the Torrent protocol and users are shown copyright material. Uploading and downloading torrents was already illegal in the Netherlands, and as such, this online service was also branded illegal. Read also: Anonymous downloading with a VPN service.

Now, it may not scare you to make use of an illegal service to be able to watch your favorite movies and series, but there are users who have received quite a hefty fine for the use of the online service. They were traced by Stichting Brein, who makes use of IP addresses to find and fine illegal users.

Want to prevent a high fine? Use a VPN

Do you want to continue watching all of your favorite movies and series without needing to purchase expensive DVDs or BluRay discs, but do you not want to risk a high fine by Stiching Brein? Luckily, there is a solution, namely the use of a Virtual Private Network.

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A Virtual Private Network is an extra secure connection that you can use every day to surf the Internet anonymously and safely. Many think that the network is only extra secure and does not offer a lot of advantages, but this is certainly not the case. A big advantage of the network is that you can protect your IP address. Not only against busineses but also against firms such as Stiching Brein. This means that when you download or upload movies and series, people can not see that you are behind the download or upload. Do you want to stream movies and series, then no one will find out that you did this illegally.

A Virtual Private Network of GOOSE VPN

Now, you may think that you will have to invest a lot in order to profit off of the advantage of a Virtual Private Network as mentioned above. A Virtual Private Network may sound like an expensive investment due to the many advantages of the network, but it is in fact far from expensive. If you get a Virtual Private Network from GOOSE, you will only pay the monthly costs of 2.99 euro per month for it. You can try GOOSE 30 days for free, so you can watch Popcorn Time undisturbed!

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