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American HBO Max in The Netherlands
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American HBO Max in The Netherlands

American streaming service HBO Max has been available in the Netherlands since early 2022. Over 800 titles are ready to be watched through HBO Max’s platform. Although 800 movies and series is a lot, the selection could be bigger!

The American HBO Max has a much larger selection of movies and series. Of course, we in the Netherlands want to enjoy that too, just from our couch! But how can we watch American HBO Max in the Netherlands?

Why doesn’t HBO Max have the same offer everywhere?

HBO Max cannot just offer any movie or series through the platform. That requires consultation with the producers. Once the producers have given the green light to HBO Max to add a certain film and series to its offer, the conditions under which this can be done are discussed. These conditions are called broadcast rights.

The broadcast rights that HBO Max has for a particular film or series describe, among other things, in which regions the film or series may be broadcast. When HBO Max chooses to broadcast a film and series only in America, they pay a lower rate for this. To broadcast a film or series in multiple regions, HBO Max must pay a higher rate. This is why you can enjoy many more movies and series in America than in the Netherlands.

Would you like to watch American HBO Max in the Netherlands? Then we have good news for you! Pack your bags for a virtual trip to the land of yellow cabs, the Statue of Liberty, Route 66, and – don’t forget – Hollywood.

How does HBO Max know where you are?

In Crime series, you often see suspects being tracked by IP address. HBO Max also does this. They just don’t intend to track bad guys. HBO Max just wants to make sure you get to see the movies and series from the right region. Watching American HBO Max in the Netherlands is therefore not possible.

All our laptops and tablets are linked to an IP address. An IP address is a series of numbers assigned to one specific Internet connection. Typically, an IP address consists of a unique combination of four numbers between 0 and 255. Once your laptop or tablet is connected to the Internet, and you are using HBO Max’s application, HBO Max checks your IP address through a special program so they can see where you are. Based on your location, you will be shown a customized selection of movies and series.

Can’t wait any longer to find out how to watch American HBO Max in the Netherlands? Neither can we!

This is how you can watch American HBO Max in the Netherlands

With just a click of a button, you can travel a virtual journey of over 7,500 kilometers within seconds. You do this with the help of a VPN connection. A VPN connection is a secure connection between you and the Internet that redirects your Internet traffic through a remote server. This remote server, like a laptop or tablet, has its IP address.

When you use a VPN connection, your device is associated with the remote server’s IP address. Do you want to watch American HBO Max in the Netherlands? Then connect to a server in America. This makes it seem to HBO Max as if you are in America and you can enjoy the American HBO Max offerings without limits! Who wouldn’t want that?

Find a suitable VPN provider

We understand that you are eager to watch American HBO Max in the Netherlands. It’s just important not to go with the first best VPN provider. By no means every VPN provider is suitable for this!

To watch American HBO Max in the Netherlands, the VPN provider must offer a server in America. If a VPN provider does not have a server in America, you still cannot watch the American version of HBO Max. Therefore, do proper research on a VPN provider’s servers first. It’s a waste to take out a subscription that you won’t be able to use afterward!

In addition, HBO Max keeps a close eye on all visitors. The streaming service knows that we use VPN connections to supposedly cross half the world to watch that one movie or series. HBO Max, therefore, does everything it can to seal the platform’s borders as tightly as possible, making it impossible to watch American HBO Max in the Netherlands even with a VPN connection. GOOSE VPN is working day and night to prevent this problem, so you can watch American HBO Max in the Netherlands with certainty!

There is also danger lurking these days when using VPN connections. More and more free VPN providers are entering the VPN connection market. While free products sound nice, you often use a free VPN connection at the expense of your privacy. The providers of free VPN connections often monitor your Internet traffic and sometimes even sell this data. We want to avoid that!

Watch American HBO Max in the Netherlands with GOOSE VPN

You can watch American HBO Max in the Netherlands with GOOSE VPN, a 100% Dutch provider of VPN connections. With GOOSE VPN, you can stream limitlessly. With just a click of a button, you can connect to a VPN server in America through GOOSE VPN’s app. Then open the app on HBO Max’s website and discover what HBO Max in America has to offer you!

At GOOSE VPN, we think it’s important for everyone to be able to use our services. That’s why GOOSE VPN’s VPN connections are not only reliable and easy to use, but also affordable!

You can not only watch American HBO Max in the Netherlands with GOOSE VPN. We also have a dedicated streaming server in the United Kingdom, and you can use GOOSE VPN’s servers to use other streaming services like Netflix, BBC, Disney+, and iPlayer.

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