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Apply multi-factor authentication to your accounts

Multifactor authentication is indispensable for your digital security. Strong passwords are not always sufficient to protect yourself against cybercriminals who obtain your login details through phishing. To protect yourself, you can apply multi-factor authentication to your accounts.

What is multifactor authentication?

Multifactor authentication is an authentication method where you as an online user add an extra step to the login process. By adding multiple factors to the login process, hence the name multi-factor authentication, the security of your accounts is improved.

Three factors you can use for multifactor authentication

The first factor of the login process almost always consists of your username and password. Cybercriminals want to retrieve these login details with phishing messages. Your username and password are information that only you know. The second factor could be something you have or could be something you are.

In case the second factor of the login process consists of something you own, you can think of your phone but also a badge or a keycard. For example, you will receive a unique code via your telephone that you then enter at the location where you want to log in.

If the second factor of your login process consists of something you are, then you should think more about your fingerprint, your voice, or facial recognition.

Do you want to prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to your accounts by finding out your login details? Then you can apply multifactor authentication to your accounts for extra security.

Why will you apply multi-factor authentication to your accounts?

Unfortunately, cybercriminals cannot be ignored on the internet. We don’t see them, but they are there.

Weak passwords

We, humans, have a habit of often choosing weak passwords instead of strong passwords, and also using the same password for all our accounts. If you are one of the many people who use the same weak password out of habit, you can apply multifactor authentication to your account. Cybercriminals know what to do with a weak password!

Watch your internet traffic

It may sound like this only happens in movies, but cybercriminals can watch your internet traffic with a little effort. For their dark schemes to succeed, cybercriminals only need a target with poor digital security. With multi-factor authentication, you only prevent criminals from actually accessing your accounts. Do you want to completely prevent cybercriminals from finding out your username and password by tracking your internet traffic? Then a VPN connection is for you!

Phishing messages

Some cyber criminals fish for your login details with phishing messages. To maximize your chances of obtaining your username and password, the criminals pretend to be someone you trust. It is therefore possible that you receive a text message on behalf of the bank, with an urgent request to provide your password via the link in the message. You just don’t know yet that you are revealing your data to a criminal.

As soon as a cyber criminal has your login details after a short search, the data is worth nothing if you use multifactor authentication. It is almost a pity that you cannot see the disappointment on the face of the cybercriminal when an extra authentication factor is requested.

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Extra digital protection with a VPN

With multi-factor authentication, your digital security is already drastically improved. By also using a VPN, cybercriminals hardly have a chance at your login details!

A VPN connection is a secure connection between you and the internet. While you are connected to the VPN, all your internet traffic is sent through a secure connection. Cybercriminals cannot access this connection. Your passwords are therefore extra well protected.

Keep in mind that cybercriminals can get into the connection if you bring them yourself. For example, a phishing message can contain a link with which you give a cybercriminal permission to use the secure connection. In our article about phishing, you can learn everything about this devious form of scam.

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