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Binge Watch anywhere around the world? It’s possible with GOOSE VPN!

Who is not familiar with the term Binge Watch? There are a very few people who don’t do it. You start watching series and you are so swept up in the story that you can no longer stop watching. Secretly we do it all.

Watched everything?

Because we all stream a lot we encounter the problem sometimes that we no longer know which series to look at. The solution is GOOSE VPN! By using GOOSE VPN, you can stream series and films through another server. If you didn’t knew it already, in America there are also other series that will be shown on streamingservices than in England. This is how your problem will be solved. GOOSE VPN gives you the opportunity to watch films and series trough an American server.

Watch your series abroad

This is not the only advantage of streaming with the use of a Virtual Private Network. It offers you also the possibility of to watch your own series abroad. When you are on a holiday or you have a business trip, now you can watch your own series and in your own language!

We share a lot these days, and you don’t want your friends to tell something about the series you haven’t seen. To ensure that you can stay up to date use a VPN, so you can keep watching your series. Even if you are abroad!

Let’s face it, it is also delightful when you are on a holiday you can watch series. Or when you have a bad weather day and want to watch series. Even business trips are less annoying because of this! Because if you are in your hotel room by your own you can also Binge Watch your favourite series.

How it works?

With a Virtual Private Network all your internet traffic will go through a secure connection. With GOOSE VPN you can very easily choose through which physical location that happens, such as England. If you connect to one of our U.K. servers, it seems as if you’re on the Internet from England. You can choose via what server you are using the internet.

If you are in England and you choose a U.S. server, you get to see the U.S. series and films. And if you are abroad and you choose an English server you get to see the English films and series. This offers you the possibility to continue following your series all over the world!

The service we offer are 100% legal and secure. GOOSE VPN is a VPN with a no log policy. Some VPN’s keep logs and when they do they know exactly your activities online. GOOSE VPN has a no log policy, which means your activities won’t be recorded.

Extremely simple

GOOSE VPN is also very user friendly! You don’t need to be a techie to use GOOSE VPN. It is simple: register, install and connect. Within 60 seconds you can watch your series abroad or expand your choice in series through the U.S. server to stream.

Too good to be true?

Does it sound like music in your ears? Is it hard to believe that this is really possible? You can now register at GOOSE with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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