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Cyber Security Month (II) – Your organization’s cyber security

The digital world is becoming more dangerous for everyone, corporate life included. Studies have shown that, although nearly all small- and medium sized enterprises use the internet, few actually take cyber security into account. This number is on the rise, however, most likely because security incidents are becoming increasingly common. It is therefore crucial to take your organization’s cyber security seriously and take steps to protect yourself from potentially negative consequences, such as data breaches. But what kind of measures are necessary to adequately prepare yourself? What IT personnel should you employ and what are the risks that you should be paying attention to in 2018? You can read all about it in this article.

Cyber security training for your employees

The most important measure that you can take to improve your cyber security is to ensure that all your personnel has been trained to recognize security threats, to consider cyber security in a professional manner and not to make any unnecessary mistakes. When hackers and other threats are able to circumvent the usual forms of digital security (such as firewalls), human error is often to blame. Phishing scams are a clear example of this. A phishing scam consists of a hacker sending an email to a user and trying to convince him or her of clicking on a hyperlink. The link leads to a website, where the hacker will be able to install malicious software onto the user’s computer, such as ransomware. When a computer is infected with ransomware, files or programs will be ‘locked’: files are encrypted in such a way that they cannot be opened again, until the victim satisfies the demands of the hacker (usually in the form of payment). Ransomware is a prime example of a threat that can cause a lot of damage, but that can usually be prevented quite easily. By informing all employees about digital safety and preparing them for possible incidents, these types of situations can be avoided.

Cyber security consultants

Making sure that your own personnel is always taking digital safety into account is a must, but for many companies that deal with IT, this is not sufficient. It is also necessary to manage cyber security at an organizational level. For example, consider the analysis of the digital infrastructure for weaknesses, carrying out tests to check how effective the security truly is and researching ways to improve it. Cyber security is an area of expertise that is constantly changing and where skills that used to be enough a few years ago, are already obsolete today. Most (smaller) companies cannot afford the personnel necessary to constantly focus on this type of work, so employing a cyber security consultant is usually a more practical solution. A cyber security consultant can determine where your organization is falling short and can, if necessary, train your (IT) personnel to handle the latest threats. A cyber security consultant doesn’t just tell you what software to buy, but also how to use it, the risks that your business is facing and in what ways, how to respond to a security incident and how to analyze the data to prevent it from happening again.

New threats

In IT, new, more advanced technology is constantly emerging, but because of this, you always have to take potential new threats into account as well. If you want to improve your company’s cyber security, then there are a few areas you should really be paying attention to in 2018. Perhaps the most important of these is cloud security. Working in the cloud is popular for companies these days. There are many advantages to doing so (for example, everyone can easily edit files together), but storing data online naturally also results in many security risks. It is increasingly common for cloud services to get hacked, so should you want to make use of them, properly securing your files is vital. Finally, there’s the Internet of Things (IoT): more and more devices are connected to the internet these days and all of them can constitute a potential security risk. These can range from Smart TVs to cellphones. To counter these risks, at least in part, you can install a Virtual Private Network on your company’s devices, which will encrypt all the data you transmit over the internet as a rule. If you’re interested in a user-friendly VPN that provides powerful security as well, then look no further than GOOSE VPN.

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