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GOOSE VPN & easyJet have partnered to protect passengers!

Going on a holiday or do you have a business trip? GOOSE VPN & easyJet have partnered to make you aware of your online identity, and how to keep it safe! It’s like your passport you have always taken care of. Now this also applies to your online identity!

Protect yourself

Everyone’s online 24/7, and as a result you leave more personal information laying around than you initially think. We often also log in on public Wi-Fi hotspots, such as at the airport. It is even easier for third parties to steal your personal information. Your online identity is therefore not safe! What is the solution? A virtual private network, GOOSE VPN.

Watch your favourite programme’s abroad!

GOOSE VPN won’t only take care of your safety online, it also gives you the opportunity to watch your favourite programme’s online. Imagine, you’re on a holiday and your favourite sports team has a very important game. You absolutely won’t miss this game! But you are abroad, and the match won’t be broadcast on local TV. GOOSE VPN will be your rescue, plus you’ll be able to watch the big game, on every device!

Not only games of your favourite sports team, but every programme you watch at home will be at your disposal. You can watch BBC iPlayer, Netflix, ITV Player, 4oD, 5 on Demand, plus loads more.

How does it work?

GOOSE VPN is a Virtual Private Network and protects your online identity. You won’t be tracked by the sites you visit or which online actions you perform, because your IP-address is changed. This is also why you can watch your own programme’s abroad. With the VPN you choose another server to surf the internet. This way your browser and the website you visit will think you are in de country you choose in the server list.

Besides, your online security is ensured trough encrypted connections. And GOOSE VPN offers you a no log policy, which means we are not required to track user activities.

Just install GOOSE VPN in 60 seconds

Installing GOOSE VPN is easy. No technical knowledge is required. It only takes a few clicks, and you’re a minute away from getting connected. Follow these 3 steps to connect yourself and enjoy TV from the comfort of your own device, wherever you land.
1. Sign up for GOOSE VPN
2. Download the GOOSE VPN app on your device and connect to a server
3. You’re all set! Time to get online

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