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The dangers of a free VPN connection

Nowadays there are hundreds of VPN connections that you can purchase. Millions of people use it every day. Whether it is to surf the internet anonymously or to circumvent geographical blockades. A VPN connection always comes to the rescue.

Free VPN connections have recently been popping up like mushrooms. Most people misunderstand the word free. You do not pay any money, but you do pay a price for the free VPN connection. That is why today we are talking about the dangers of a free VPN connection.

A free VPN connection slows down your internet

There are a lot of free VPN connections that affect the speed of your internet. For example, as soon as you stream or download a movie or series while you are connected to the VPN, you cannot use your full internet speed.

Some free VPN services not only slow down your internet speed but manage to share your bandwidth with other parties without your permission at all. By bandwidth we mean the amount of data your connection can handle.

It has also happened that the apps of free VPN connections affect the battery life of your phone. That won’t make you happy!

Free VPN connections keep track of your data

One of the dangers of a free VPN connection is that many free VPN connections track personal data. This is while a VPN is intended to guard your privacy.

Enough providers of free VPN connections are secretly making a fortune from users’ data. They keep track of IP addresses and the websites you visit. With this information, a profile of you is built up that goes over the counter for a large amount of money. While you use a VPN connection to prevent this kind of practice.

Your device gets infected with malware, adware, or spyware

Another danger of a free VPN connection is that you run the risk of malware, adware, or viruses.
Malware is an abbreviation for malicious software, which stands for malicious software. It is a collective name for all kinds of malicious software that can infect your device. In the long run, malware causes great damage.

The name already gives it away a bit. Adware is a form of unwanted software that fills your screen with advertisements. While you’re going crazy, the creator of the adware is making tons of money from all the ads you see.

The name spyware also gives away a few things about its nature. Spyware is a spy that constantly collects information about the user of a computer. Spyware also helps cybercriminals earn nice pocket money. All information that the spyware collects is sold to third parties.

Free VPN connections inundate you with advertisements

The providers of free VPN connections do want to earn money from their services. That is why you are often flooded with advertisements.

In principle, a few more or fewer advertisements are not a problem, especially if this is the only revenue model of the free VPN provider.

One of the dangers of a free VPN connection is that the providers often do not take a critical look at the advertisers with whom they agree. It is therefore possible that you see an advertisement from a cybercriminal who infects devices with malware with a link in the advertisement.

Avoid the dangers of a free VPN connection

We understand that it is tempting to use a free VPN connection. But remember that if something is too good to be true, it is too good to be true. Saving on a VPN connection certainly does not outweigh the dangers of a free VPN connection.

Therefore, for your safety, choose an affordable and reliable VPN connection, such as GOOSE VPN.

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