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Using public WiFi on the train

Monday, March 29, 2010, an NS intercity train left at 2:30 p.m. from Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA to Leiden. This train trip was different from others. For the first time, Dutch NS train passengers could use public WiFi on the train.

Nowadays, you can use public WiFi on most trains. So you can easily send a message to someone or watch your favorite series. And all without using up your internet bundle!

Since it has been possible to use public WiFi in trains, a lot of improvements have been made to the WiFi networks. Among other things to improve the security of the networks. Still, there are a lot of doubts about the safety of public WiFi on the train.

Is it safe to use public WiFi on the train?

Despite the convenience of using public WiFi on the train, it is very important to consider your online safety when using public WiFi on the train. Public WiFi on the train is an ideal way for cybercriminals to gain access to your data, but that’s not the only danger lurking.

Risks of using public WiFi on the train

Using public WiFi on the train is not without risks. That’s because your Internet traffic is always visible to whoever set up the WiFi network. If you use public WiFi on the train, there is a chance that the owner of the network is watching your Internet traffic. Not only your search results but also your passwords can easily be discovered.

Internet traffic of train passengers as a means of payment

It seems to be free to use public WiFi on the train. But to what extent is this true? The money to pay for WiFi networks does not just fall out of the sky. To offer you as a train passenger free WiFi on the train, the owner of the WiFi network (for example, the NS) must pay for the network.

To cover the cost of the network, the owners of these networks in the train have come up with a solution: sharing data, including your Internet traffic. There are many parties interested in this information and willing to pay large sums of money for it. Enough money to cover the costs of a WiFi network. You may not be paying money to use the Internet for free on the train, but in exchange, your data will become available to everyone. This, of course, is not the intention!

Cybercriminals make big money from the internet traffic of train passengers

The risk that the owners of public WiFi networks on the train might watch your Internet traffic, and sell it to other parties, is not the only risk when you use public WiFi on the train. Cybercriminals can also easily strike via this route. How do they do this? They create a WiFi network with the same name, or a similar name, as the “real” WiFi network in the train, making it easy for you to fall into the trap. Your Internet traffic and that of the train passengers around you end up being sold for big money.

Criminals do not only strike while being on the train

Using public WiFi on the train poses risks not only inside the train. It is also a piece of cake for criminals outside the train to access Internet traffic. Criminals with some technical experience need a few simple attributes to sell the Internet traffic of all train passengers in no time.

Stealing the Internet traffic of train passengers; is no witchcraft either. With little effort, a lot of money is made from the Internet traffic within the train. It is therefore very wise to protect yourself well against these risks. But how exactly do you do that?

Use public WiFi on the train with a VPN

Of course, the big question now is: how can you safely use public WiFi on the train? We have the answer to that! By using a VPN connection, you can use public WiFi on the train with peace of mind.

A VPN connection provides a secure connection between you and the Internet. All your Internet traffic is sent through this connection. It is not possible for outsiders, including cybercriminals and owners of the WiFi network on the train, to watch internet traffic within the VPN connection from the outside. This is very handy if you don’t want anyone to see what you are doing on the Internet!

Which VPN provider can you use?

If you want to use public WiFi with a VPN connection, you must first choose a VPN provider. A very reliable provider of VPN connections is GOOSE VPN. At GOOSE VPN, we think it’s important that everyone can safely use WiFi on the train. Our VPN connections are therefore super easy to use and also reliable! With GOOSE VPN, browsing public WiFi on the train is no longer a danger!

How can you safely use public WiFi on the train?

After you’ve chosen a VPN provider that suits you, you can finally safely use public WiFi on the train. All you need to do now is activate your VPN connection. To make this as easy as possible, we’ll tell you in 6 steps how to do it!

  1. Open your VPN app
  2. Select a VPN server you want to connect to
  3. Open the WiFi settings and connect to ‘Wifi on the train
  4. You will be redirected to a web page – accept the terms of use on this page
  5. Connect to the internet
  6. You can now safely use public WiFi on the train!

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