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Does a VPN make your internet slower?

A VPN connection to safely use the internet

Everybody knows that your privacy on the internet isn’t guaranteed. All your activities on the web are controlled and your provider knows exactly what you have visited in the past. Besides that, sites like to keep the data about your surf behaviour. When you sent or receive sensitive information through the web, the chance exist that hackers could access this information. Luckily there are VPN connections. A good VPN connection still provides the best guarantee on a safe connection with the web. In this article we will discuss the properties of a VPN connection and the VPN speed

How does a VPN work?

A VPN connection isn’t a computer network on its own. Existing internet cables and wireless connections are being used. What makes a VPN connection special besides the normal connection, is the encryption and the use of a VPN server. With encryption we mean that the data, that is sent or received, is encrypted. This secret encryption makes sure that hackers can’t read the stolen data. Every VPN connection happens within a VPN server. This server can be established anywhere in the world. The VPN connection makes sure that your IP address (Your internet address, where your identity is known) doesn’t get passed on to the sites you visit. At this way nobody can trace who you are and where you are. This is one of the best ways to stay anonymous and to use the internet safely.

And what about the VPN speed?

People sometimes state that by using a VPN, your connection will be a lot slower. This statement needs to be heavily varicoloured. There are surely lots of factors that can influence the VPN speed:

  • The speed of your computer, laptop, tablet, router or something else
  • Your internet subscription, that also decides your accessible speed.
  • The technical properties of your internet connection (Normal cable, fibreglass, ASDN,)
  • Do you work at home with a wired connection or wireless?
  • The location were the VPN server is stated (in a neighbour country or another continent?)
  • The distance that the data need to travel on the internet

The encrypting of your data can lead to a somewhat slower connection speed. This is especially when your own infrastructure is low (slow pc, router, etc). With a fast PC and router this is hardly noticeable. A VPN connection makes sure that the data packages travel a different route on the web. A good technical VPN connection from a reliable provider can even make sure that the travelled distance is shorter, and thus the VPN speed will be higher than with a normal connection. So always choose for a quality, paid VPN service!

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A VPN provider with excellent service

Goose VPN is a Dutch VPN provider with an excellent infrastructure and service. Goose VPN features an extended server park, so that the available bandwidth is sufficient. Therefore, will Goose VPN guarantee a high VPN speed.

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