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Watch American Netflix in the Netherlands

Do you also love it? Coming home in the evening after a long day at work and cosy up under the sheets to watch a little Netflix. The epitome of relaxation and exactly what you need to recharge your batteries. Unfortunately, there is also a catch here. After a while, you have seen all the limited offers of Netflix in the Netherlands. The offer of American Netflix, on the other hand, is many times bigger than in the Netherlands. Why shouldn’t you also be able to enjoy the best series and films just because you were born here? Fortunately, there is a handy solution to that problem: ever heard of VPN?

Virtual Private Network

What is a VPN? It is an abbreviation that stands for Virtual Private Network. It’s the way to get around those incredibly annoying geo-restrictions from Netflix. A VPN provider does much more than just bypass restrictions. It is also a way to surf the internet completely anonymously and protect your privacy against intruders. How did that happen? That’s because a VPN provider ensures that everything you do is encrypted. This means that the messages you send can still be intercepted. However, they will no longer be readable without the encryption key.

Using a VPN provider is essentially creating a private connection between your computer and the recipient of your messages. Part of the service of such a VPN provider is also to redirect everything via one of the many VPN servers they manage so that the location of your computer/tablet or smartphone also remains a mystery. It is in this way that such geo-restrictions can be circumvented. Connecting to a VPN server located in the United States means that it appears that you too are on the internet from the United States. To sum it up: a VPN connection encrypts internet traffic, reroutes that traffic through a remote server and hides your location.

How does it work then?

Tired of Netflix in the Netherlands? Then, after choosing a VPN provider, all you have to do is surf Netflix and sign up. You then switch on the VPN connection via an American server and Netflix thinks you are watching from America. The consequence? The full range of American Netflix has become accessible and viewable for you in one fell swoop. Please note: you only have access to this offer as long as you use the VPN connection with servers in the US.

VPN netflix

Choose the right provider

Sounds almost too good to be true? It is not, but you should still pay close attention to which VPN provider you use. Not only do you have to be sure that there are servers in the US, but Netflix is also aware of these practices. Lately, they have also introduced additional restrictions and the servers of various VPN providers have been blocked. If you use one of these blocked servers, you will receive an error message that means that Netflix simply does not work. Finally, it is also worth noting that you can already delete the free services between the gigantic range of VPN providers. If no money is asked, you as a customer are the product. All too often these services provide a dubious quality VPN service and are the logs kept anyway or worse, resold?


GOOSE is a Dutch provider that offers many advantages as a VPN provider. For example, the cost price is very low and there is a Dutch customer service, which is always nice to work with. In addition, there is currently a promotion in which you can try out the first month completely risk-free and the entire service is structured in such a way that you can also get started quickly as a non-technical user. In addition, GOOSE offers many servers in the United States that are not blocked by Netflix. Ideal for taking your first steps in the world of VPN connections and finally being able to watch your favourite series in the Netherlands.

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