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Where GOOSE VPN began

Focused around you

Learn about GOOSE VPN: ‘An accessible VPN provider who really listens to its customers’ That was, and is still, the underlying principle of GOOSE VPN. We found that VPN providers often don’t listen to its customers, certainly not those with little technically knowledge. That’s why GOOSE VPN is accessible to everyone, and we really mean everybody! GOOSE VPN is for you, your daughter, grandfather, anyone you can think of. We ensure that everybody can use the Internet with a safe feeling, and through your feedback, we continue to develop. This means we are on our way to the top!

GOOSE VPN available for all platforms

Our mission

“Safe and unlimited internet for everyone”

Enjoy the power of GOOSE VPN

"Unlimited connections and low yearly price, we think Goose VPN is something to honk about."

"A fast, very easy-to-use VPN aimed squarely at domestic users who want access to foreign media. With few options to set, and a very simple interface, this is a winner. "

Dutch support

Customer satisfaction at a new level

Our customers (or fans!) are the most important, so we invest in support. How do we do that? Simple. We help you in exactly the way we would like to be helped. Technical terms let us down well. At GOOSE VPN, you will receive quick, quality help to get you back on track. The support we provide is the only VPN provider in Dutch, but also in English. Even in the evenings or at weekends we are waiting for you. Always and at any time. Why? Because we want a fan every day!

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