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8 reasons to be careful with the use of a smartphone

In the past few years, many news items have been dedicated to fraud: data leaks, large groups of hackers and other online scandals. As this applies to large companies, this actually applies to you: anyone can be the target of cyber crime.

A compelling example is the security of smartphones. On average, we spend at least two hours per day on our mobile phones, often in order to engage in social interactions and to follow the news.

Be careful with the use of your smartphone!

Now that the use of the smartphone has increased exponentially, this will always mean new digital threats arise. For example, what do you think of stealing sensitive data, retrieving personal data, online bullying and more. This is why it is recommendable to be careful with your phone, just like you would with a computer, and you can do this with the help of the tips below.

You are most vulnerable when you:

  1. Use a public WiFi network. Seeing the high costs of international data roaming, a public WiFi spot is in high demand. However, your mobile is then very vulnerable for stealing data and ‘phishing’.
  2. Charge your phone. When you use a public charging station, you will have to be very careful. For example if you are using a USB, only plug it into a reliable computer. Before you know it, another device will gain access to your data or it will install malicious software.
  3. Use bluetooth. Leaving bluetooth on while not using it, gives hackers a chance to install a virus on your phone, to acquire data or even steal your phone.
  4. Leave the mobile behind unmanned. Protect your mobile device by using strong passwords and never leave your device behind unmanned. The lack of a password is easier for yourself, but even easier for criminals.
  5. Software is not up to date. Often times, the security is tightened with every new version.
  6. You install new apps. Some apps contain malware, intended to steal your data or take money from your account without you finding out.
  7. Online bullying, ‘cyber bullying’. You can become a target of harassment, verbal abuse or even blackmail when someone for example has your photos. Or causing problems in your social media network.
  8. When a child has access. One of the risks is a sky-high bill for the hours of playing games, but also your child could be exposed to aggressive ads or other inappropriate information (see also: How do you let your child surf online safely?).

Please realize when someone has your data, they can easily make payments using your credit card. Or they can use your photos as black mail material.

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