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The safety of website, are you familiar with it? A VPN takes care of your online security

It is not easy to be safe on the internet. There are various dangers that lie in wait. Some problems that you might not have thought about. For that reason, it is wise to deepen your knowledge regarding online safety and how to ensure that. Whether it is the internet that you use at home, or the wireless connection at an internet café on the corner of the street. It would not be the first time that someone unexpectedly becomes a victim of a hacker or a scammer.


To prevent this from happening, it is important to use HTTPS. When you for example, do online banking, you will see a lock in the top left corner. That means you are dealing with a secure connection and that the connection that has been established with the server is encrypted. On that way your personal information is safe. What would happen if it were not encrypted? Then there might be hackers on the other side of the server instead of the bank to steal your personal and financial information. In this digital age, that can mean particularly big problems.

Difference between HTTPS and HTTP

HTTP means hypertext transfer protocol. It is the way a web server communicates with internet browsers. HTTP ensures that visitors view a site and send information to the server.

With an HTTPS connection, devices share a special code. They use it to hide information between the two points. It becomes unreadable anyone who tries to intercept and read it. This encryption secures the data against external attacks. The computers send the information via a so-called SSL, also known as TLS.

Veilige browsers met VPN

Extra safety via VPN

In addition to the security of SSL you could also use a VPN provider. This is particularly practical when you are often on the road. There is no extra software needed because you can log in via your browser. Whether it is Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari. SSL VPN works via the web.

With VPN you can hide your identity, activities and location from curious third parties. This can be useful when you are dealing with privacy-sensitive information, for example when you are on Wi-Fi in the train. Especially when you want to transfer something with a credit card, you’ll need that extra lock on the door. You can also visit websites with a VPN subscription that would otherwise remain unreachable. Think of watching missed broadcasts while you are on vacation.

Try GOOSE for free

Goose VPN is a provider from the Netherlands with a free variant as well as paid variants. In total you can try GOOSE for free for up to 30 days. You can choose from the basic subscription and the Unlimited subscription. The first costs 2.99 and has a limit of 50 GB. You do not have any restrictions with Unlimited and you can watch American or British Netflix series without a limit. Peer-to-peer is also supported, so that a Torrent will be safe to download.


You may have become convinced of the usefulness of HTTPS and VPN for a safer internet. A VPN plan from GOOSE VPN will avoid making you an easy target on the digital highway. The big plus of GOOSE is their customer service with Dutch as the language of instruction. Help in your own language to provide some extra support.

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