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Great ways to protect your Mac against hackers!

Do you use a Mac computer when you make online payments or simply send your work data online? Then you probably prefer that you access the Internet in a secure manner so that hackers cannot steal your personal information. Here are a few simple and effective ways to secure your Mac before you start surfing the world wide web.

Enable your Firewal

One of the main things you need to know on how to protect your Mac is how to enable your firewall. This will keep all unwanted and potentially dangerous network connections at at bay. Many Internet users believe that the firewall is enabled by default but in many cases this is not so. You can enable this by going to your system settings and click on the “Security and Privacy” tab.

Know what you’re sharing online

Your Mac can share files with other Mac computers or even share your entire screen so you can work on the move. But when you do it’s like a door opening for everyone. You do not know if it is done safely or not

Set a password

Some Macs are using an encryption to ensure that your entire hard disk cannot be accessed without a username and password. This setting is a perfect kind of protection against users who try to access your files.

Log in as a user

Please always log in as a user. That way you can always trace your Mac when it is stolen or lost. Once someone is using the Mac, you can check the location of the user and track your Mac this way.

Use a VPN to go online

One of the safest ways to go online nowadays is to make use of a Virtual Private Network. This established private network ensures that you can use free public networks in a secure way. Using a public network has a bad side, which is that anyone is using the same network and therefor can see your Internet activities and related personal information. By using a Virtual Private Network, you establish a secure connection, even if you use a public wireless network. This way, you do not have to worry about hackers.

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