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10 reasons to hide your IP address

Every device that uses the internet to visit a website is outfitted with a IP address. Many people however do not know that it is possible to hide your  IP address by using a VPN or Virtual Private network. In this article you’ll find out why this might be interesting for you.

1. You have more online privacy

If your IP address is hidden, the government isn’t able to track what you’re doing and companies & individuals won’t be able to collect your personal data. You have more privacy online, which many people very much enjoy.

2. You stay anonymous

Without an IP address, nobody is able to link your activities to your identity and thus to your identity. You stat anonymous, no matter what you’re doing on the web.

3. You are safer when using public Wi-Fi networks

The public Wi-Fi networks at the airfield, train station or at the mall are often very poorly secured and can easily be hacked. By hiding your IP address, you are not at risk.

4. You can bypass any geographical limitations

Don’t you think it sucks that you can’t watch your favourite series because it’s only available in the United States? Then you should consider hiding your IP address to go around these geographical restrictions and access Netflix’s American content offer from within your own country.

5. You can use Popcorn Time

Are you crazy about Popcorn Time? Then you can hide your IP address so that no one is able to find out what you’re doing in the internet. So you can use Popcorn Time without worries.

6. You don’t get to see any personalised ads when you hide your IP address

More and more companies are displaying targeted advertisements to internet users by keeping track of their online search behaviour. If you want to prevent this from happening, then you can hide your IP address so you will no longer get to see targeted advertisements.

7. You fly cheaper and book hotels at a lower price

The prices you see if you want to book a plane ticket or book a hotel are based on your location and how often you have searched for a website. By hiding your IP address, you avoid paying too much for tickets and overnight stays.

8. You can test your SEO

Do you have your own website? With a VPN, you are now able to test your SEO by changing your IP address and discovering how your website scores in various geographical locations.

9. The government can’t spy on you

Thanks to a hidden IP address, the government can’t see what you are doing on the internet, giving you more freedom of movement and privacy of the web.

10. You are no longer restricted while gaming

Some games are available in certain parts of the world. If you hide your IP address, you won’t be bothered by any blockades, allowing you to play any game that you like.

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