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The importance of encryption with a safe internet

The importance of security on the internet is increasing. Large data leaks, such as recently with Uber and ransomware attacks such as those with WannaCry, prove that your data online is not as safe as you might think. If you want to be sure that you are not at risk of being hacked, choose a VPN connection with AES encryption.

What is AES encryption?

AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard. This AES encryption ensures that data is encrypted. If hackers steal the data, then they can not decipher the information. AES is the global standard when it comes to computer encryption and is used, for example, by banks and governments. An encryption key is created on the basis of a certain algorithm and only persons who have the correct encryption key can decipher the encrypted data again. Such encryption as AES usually consists of a very large number. It is therefore difficult for a hacker to decode it because there are a lot of combinations possible and even for a very fast computer it is almost impossible to crack, especially when the encryption key is very long. AES encryption consists of three keys: 128, 192 or 256 bits.

AES VPN encryptie

How does VPN encryption work and why is it important

Internet security is thus ensured through encrypted connections. If you want your data to be protected, choose VPN encryption. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN server uses AES keys so that the connection is optimally secured. In addition, a VPN connection ensures anonymity and freedom on the internet. How this works? Normally your internet service provider assigns an IP address. With this you can be recognized on the internet and the location is displayed. Unnoticed, websites, companies, search engines and the government know so much about you. If you choose an internet connection via a VPN server, this server assigns you an IP address. Because a VPN server can be located anywhere in the world, your IP address can also come from anywhere in the world.

With an American VPN server you get an American IP address while you are in the Netherlands. Conversely, you can connect to a Dutch VPN server abroad and get an IP address in the Netherlands. So you have access to websites at home and abroad that normally have geographic restrictions. In practice, for example, that means that with VPN you have access to Youtube videos on which there is a regional blockade or that you can still stream Dutch football from your holiday destination.

Why choose for GOOSE VPN

GOOSE VPN allows you to use the internet safely thanks to a simple registration process and a software that you easily install on Windows, Linux and OSX. GOOSE VPN can also be used on the mobile devices of iOS and Android. The advantage of VPN via GOOSE is that you can download torrents safely and quickly, but also have access to Netflix in America. Netflix throws a lot of blockades to block VPN servers, but with GOOSE VPN you will not be bothered by this!

Curious about GOOSE VPN?

With GOOSE VPN you are assured of VPN encryption. This means that you can surf the web without any worries and stream videos from 2.99 euros per month. With this basic subscription you have up to 50 GB of data usage. You can easily expand this with 5 GB for 0.49 euros each time. If you want unlimited data usage, you take an Unlimited subscription for 12.99 euros per month. You could also take an annual subscription, you pay only 4.99 per month. If you want to know more and are looking for a reliable VPN client, try GOOSE VPN first for free for up to a month!

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