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The many advantages of a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Perhaps you have heard of it before, but you may not know exactly what it is about. Or perhaps you are looking for a more secure way of using the Internet and you want to explore all options. In its essence, the emphasis is on the word ‘private’ – personal. Among others, it protects your privacy, offers more options for anonymous online surfing and secures your systsem against hackers.

This is how a VPN works

A VPN uses a combination of encryption protocols and specific connections to secure your Internet traffic. This makes your protection two-fold: your data is not only secured, they are also encoded so that an outsider can not do anything with it. For this reason it is often used in business life. Businesses rely on being able to protect sensitive information on a daily basis and to be able to guarantee the privacy of themselves and their clients.

Be who you want to be

Sometimes you want to be anoymous when you access the Internet. Privacy has become scarse and websites, Internet providers and hackers have access to your location and IP address within one click. With a VPN this will be a thing of the past. GOOSE VPN gives you the choice from multiple IP addresses with locations all across the world. This makes it possible to, among others, watch programs online that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Think of KIJK.nl or Uitzending Gemist, but then a similar web service of a foreign channel. GOOSE also gives you access to all website! Many foreign web shops that offer their products cheaper than in your home country, block access to foreign users. With GOOSE VPN you can easily make it seem like you are in a different country. This allows you to profit off of this advantage!

Also secure in public

It is no secret that public WiFi networks are everything but secure. Everyone can make use of it and the security is minimal: in other words, it is a hackers paradise. GOOSE VPN transmits all of your Internet traffic through a strongly secured tunnel. This way, people from outside can not see what you are doing and all your data is protected and encrypted.
In addition to protecting your personal data, GOOSE gives you access to services that are blocked by some providers. Read also: Visit blocked websites with a VPN connection.

Stronger security with the VPN service of GOOSE

With GOOSE VPN you are optimally secured on the Internet and you can do what you like without worries. Want to try it for free for a month? That’s possible! With one simple click you can start surfing with protection today. Be better secured, wherever you are! Click here to start your free month GOOSE VPN.

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