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Useful tips for secure Internet while on holiday

Nowadays everyone is always online. Whether with a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. In recent years, the Internet has become an integral part of our lives, together with the coming of social media. At any time of the day, we want to be able to post something. Whether it concerns our daily lives or holiday photos. But how do you access the Internet in a secure manner while you’re on a holiday?

Be aware of the dangers of ‘Free WiFi’

Whether you are seeking to remain in contact with the people at home, post a couple of holiday snapshots on your social media or simply to follow the news… even when you are traveling, you want to be able to access the Internet in a secure manner. We say ‘secure’ because in this modern age, a lot of dangers arise. In the hotel or at the airport you can usually make use of free WiFi. This is offered through open networks. In other words: everyone can get onto this network, making it relatively easy for hackers to track down your personal data. Keep this in mind when you want to use the online bank, order something through a web shop or check your mails. Before you know it, all of your payment details have become public.

The expensive luxury of 3G and 4G

Unfortunately there are not many alternatives to free open WiFi networks that you can find on any public place. Therefore it is tempting to make use of it anyway, even if the connection is ‘not secure’. A safer option is to turn on roaming and to make use of a connection through your provider. Using the Internet in a foreign country is rather costly, so it is only suitable for short bursts that do not require a lot of bandwidth.

VPN: the cheap solution

There is however a cheap solution to this problem. VPN, or Virtual Private Network. This type of connection can be set in your device and this way you will make a secure connection with an open network. This connection ensures for secure network traffic so that you can use your payment details online in a secure manner or download photos without skyrocketing costs. Another benefit is that this connection makes use of the location of the server. This way you can easily continue watching episodes of ‘Uitzending Gemist’ wthout region block.

GOOSE VPN – provider of secure Internet

Do you want to make use of a VPN connection during your holiday? This is easy. You can register for GOOSE VPN for the low price of 2.99 euro per month and then you can make use of the Internet in a secure way anywhere in the world. Whoever registers now can make use of this service for free for one month to try it out. Are you already (secure) online? Click here to try GOOSE 30 days for free.

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