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What is a VPN?

You hear about it more and more lately. VPN, or Virtual Private Network. A Virtual Private Network is an Internet connection that can be used both by businesses and private individuals. The connects are for example used to link local networks of several company locations, to form one virtual network, but it also used for a safe and anonymous use of the Internet as a private person.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN): what can you use it for?

A Virtual Private Network has many applications, in other words things for which you can use the network. First off, the network is very suitable for watching series, movies or streams from abroad, which are not aired in your country. Because you will receive multiple IP addresses with a VPN, you can easily change your IP address to one from another country. This means that series that are exclusively aired in another country, can now also be watched by you. Streams that are only available for watching in your country can also be watched when you are on a holiday when you have a Virtual Private Network.

Another application of the Virtual Private Network is the uploading and downloading of content on the Internet. By making use of this network, the government can not find out who exactly is behind certain content and who downloaded certain content. You remain anonymous, allowing you to avoid the high fines for uploading content.

Finally, a Virtual Private Network is used to avoid certain restrictions. For example, has your employer placed a digital restriction that doesn’t allow you to visit Facebook on your laptop when you are using your employer’s network? Simply switch to a virtual Private Network to circumvent this restriction so you can do as you want online. A VPN can be used for an endless amount of benefits. We have listed 5 great ways to use GOOSE VPN!

A Virtual Private Network: extra secure Internet

With a Virtual Private Network you can use the Internet even more securely and this is because the network has a double encryption. You will not need to worry when you fill out passwords, you will not need to worry that your personal details will end up on the streets and you will not need to worry that your online payments can be intercepted by hackers and other cyber criminals. When you use this network, you are completely safe and secure in the online world.
Because a Virtual Private Network is so secure, this network is not only used by people who want to use the network for the applications mentioned above. The network is also often purchased and used by people who simply want to browse the Internet securely at all times (or any of the other benefits) and are willing to make a small investment to do so.

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