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Why is online anonymity important?

Hidden behind a computer or smartphone, many people assume they are completely anonymous. But the opposite is true: the pressure on online privacy is continually increasing. Even when you aren’t sharing any personal data online, your online privacy is still not guaranteed since your browsing history is linked to your IP address. You can assume that your IP address is your online home address. It is a unique number that is linked to your internet connection, and all of your internet usage is returned to this address. Complete online anonymity can thus only be achieved with a hidden IP address. Hiding your IP address is possible by using a VPN service. As a VPN user, you are connected to the internet through a VPN server.

VPN offers extra protection against hackers

Online anonymity is important for several reasons. One of those is the extra security that online anonymity. Now that the internet has become a major part of our live, we tend to forget how much data we actually share online: from credit card info and login data for bank accounts to healthcare invoices and tax reports. A VPN service offers extra protection against hackers by encrypting your internet traffic, but the online anonymity that a VPN offers is also important. In case a hacker acquires some of your data, he is often only able to exploit it if he can link that data to your identity. And this obviously is way more difficult when you are surfing the web anonymously.

Hide your internet usage for i.a. Facebook

When you use Facebook or Google, you may have been amazed at how much Facebook ads or Google Search results are actually relevant. This is less surprising when you consider the fact that companies such as Facebook and Google have accumulated an enormous database with data on all of their users by using so called cookies. This is completely legal, which is why you can only prevent similar violations of your privacy by using a VPN service.

Full online anonymity with GOOSE VPN

When using a VPN service, your internet traffic remains hidden for the outside world, but not for the VPN provider. This is not a problem as long as the provider does not keep track of the internet usage of its customers. However, some VPN providers still do so with certain log files, which is why your online anonymity is still at risk in case these logs end up in the wrong hands or are misused. In order to enjoy full anonymity online, it is important to go with a VPN provider which doesn’t keep logs, such as GOOSE VPN for example. GOOSE VPN is not only log-free, but also has an extensive server network so that every VPN user can quickly access the internet. Click here to register for GOOSE VPN and try GOOSE VPN out for free.


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