GOOSE VPN for Android TV

GOOSE VPN is the very first VPN service which has a dedicated Android TV application . This way you can safely stream your favorite films and series.

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Stream your favorite films and series on your tv

A lot of people stream their favorite films and series on their TV, really handy and easy of course, but in most cases not safe or even illegal. With GOOSE VPN all your data is being protected by a 256-bit encryption, so you do not have to worry about your data being stolen anymore.

This allows you to enjoy your favorite movies and series on your TV.

Why GOOSE VPN on Android TV?

VPN for Android TV: Safe and limitless

With GOOSE VPN you can choose from a wide arrangement of servers around the world, this allows you to watch films and series which are not available in your country. We also change your IP address, this way you’re untraceable and safely online.

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