Use VPN for your iPhone too: secure and anonymous on the web!

Using a VPN for iPhone, a bit much? Not at all. Surfing the Internet is not always secure. Especially when you frequently make use of public WiFi networks you better be careful. Because subscriptions for mobile Internet are quite pricey, a lot of iPhone users often make use of a public WiFi network to visit their favorite sites. The security of a public wireless network is however minimal. You really don’t need to be a great computer genius or famed network specialist to be able to grab someone’s data through such a public hotspot. Continue reading what the advantages are of a VPN connection for your iPhone.

Encrypted data stream with an iPhone VPN

A Virtual Private Network, VPN in short, ensures for a secret encryption of the data stream from and to your PC, laptop, iPhone or tablet. When you do want to surf the web on a public WiFi network with your iPhone, this can be done without any risks. Go ahead and let a hacker intercept your wireless connection: he really won’t understand anything about the encrypted data that he finds. He won’t be able to find out your passwords, PIN codes and banking data. Even better: he won’t even know who you really are.

Unknown identity and location thanks to a VPN connection

When VPN software has been installed on your iPhone, you can establish a VPN connection with a VPN server somewhere abroad. Through this foreign server you create a connection with the website that you want to visit. Your own Internet address, the so-called IP address, is not known. After all, the visited website will only see the foreign IP address of the VPN server. Because your IP address is also linked to your current residence, it is also unknown from what location you are surfing.

Circumventing geo restrictions with a VPN connection

It has more added benefits when your location is not known. For example, you can watch the full offer of the American Netflix, which is normally not possible in the Netherlands, when you create  a connection with an American VPN server. Making web content not fully accessible, depending on the country where you live, is called a geo restriction. With a VPN connection, geo restrictions can be circumvented. In countries where the government prohibits the use of social media and certain websites, you can pretend to be in a different country to get access to the sites that are blocked.

The VPN service of GOOSE VPN

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