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GOOSE VPN service guarantees your safety on the internet for all your iOS devices. The affordable, user-friendly VPN service. Also for your iPhone.

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Safely online on the internet

We really can’t live without our iPhone and iPad. These devices allow you to visit websites, send e-mails, manage your banking online, and much more. This can make you vulnerable to the outside world, but you do not need to worry about that from now on. GOOSE VPN for iOS encrypts all your data to and from your Apple device to protect you and ensure your online privacy! This means that you can safely use the internet throughout the world with your iPhone or iPad with the VPN connection of GOOSE VPN.

Extensive offer of servers and protocols

In which countries has GOOSE different server locations, and which protocols can I use for iOS?

You can use our VPN for iPad and iPhone (and other iOS devices) anywhere in the world. GOOSE VPN  gives you access to a wide range of servers. As a result, there will always be a fast server for you in the country of your choice! More information about the GOOSE VPN servers? Click here. Furthermore, GOOSE VPN offers fast and good protocols, with a high security level, for iOS! These are the protocols “PPTP”, “L2TP”, “OpenVPN”, and “IKEv2”. This way you can choose the protocol that fits you best! More information about the protocols? Click here and navigate to the right side of the page where you can find “Differences between protocols”.

Safe surfing above all!

Do you want to use the Internet anonymously and safely? That is possible with the VPN services for iOS of GOOSE VPN!

We’re becoming more and more aware of all online threats. Cybercriminals and hackers are always hunting for your personal data. We can’t deny it anymore: anonymous and safe surfing is a must for all your iOS devices! Checking your personal data online, such as banking information or emails, is often necessary. With our GOOSE VPN connection for iOS, you are guaranteed to be safe online at all times. No one can read your personal data. You can, for example, safely use a public Wi-Fi network from your hotel abroad or in your favorite bar in the Netherlands with peace of mind!

Bypass geographical blocks with GOOSE VPN!

Stream your favorite movies and series with GOOSE VPN!

Stream your favorite movies and series with GOOSE VPN! There are many streaming websites that only give access to their services when you are in a particular country. With GOOSE VPN you can change your IP address. You will then be in a different location for the internet. So thanks to GOOSE you can easily use these services. For example, do you want to watch a missed broadcast of NPO from abroad? Then you only have to choose for a Dutch server!

Do you need help with purchasing a VPN connection for iOS? Contact us, we are happy to help you! Would you like to try out our app for iOS? You can do that with our 7-day trail! You can set up a VPN connection for iPad and iPhone within minutes! Choose safe surfing, choose GOOSE VPN for an iOS VPN connection.

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