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GOOSE is a VPN service which was founded in Rotterdam – it is the only VPN provider of Dutch origin. Although we started small, GOOSE is working on expanding to become one of the bigger VPN providers in 2017. With GOOSE your online presence is secured. Furthermore, we want our GOOSE users to have no limitations online. There are now 30+ servers available in about 20 countries and every week, new servers are added to this list. GOOSE is also available for the most commonly used operating systems: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

GOOSE VPN is very accessible for everyone; we keep it simple and especially not too technical. The ease of use is of a very high level and GOOSE is optimized every day, not only by our motivated team, but also thanks to the feedback of our clients. The support team of GOOSE is available 24x7x365 through live chat, email and social media channels.

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GOOSE the facts!

A VPN is wildly popular among Internet users and has almost become indispensable. But why is a VPN strongly recommended for every Internet user?

  • With GOOSE VPN, you can select various servers
  • Watch Netflix, BBC and all other Internet sites without blockages
  • Make use of  public WiFi network in a secure manner
  • Major banks recommend a VPN for online banking
  • Downloading Torrents is allowed for example
  • GOOSE VPN can be installed on your router

GOOSE for press

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What others say about GOOSE

"GOOSE VPN doesn't have any complex subscriptions with all kinds of whistles and bells that only make it all the more confusing for a normal user."

"GooseVPN ist derzeit der einzige Anbieter, welcher laufend werchselnde IP-Adressen auf den Streamingservern verwendet und damit weiterhin Netflix, Amazon Video und andere Videoplattformen über VPN ermöglicht."

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"We have tested the software for Windows and what we noticed immediately is that it looks very clean and easy to use."

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