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Protect your privacy against big-data

We are more and more active on the internet and we love to share our daily tasks on social media. On services like Facebook we post school- and work information, or we share photos of our self on Instagram. We don’t care about the fact that friends or direct acquaintances can see this data. However, it turns out that all our personal data is stored in so called big-data. All these little pieces of information give computers a very detailed image of the identity of a person.

What is the problem with big-data?

People will say that they have no problem with the fact that their data is stored in big-data. They say they have nothing to hide. However, the privacy is enormously at risk. Without the actual ID data you can still get all the information about a person. At first, this big data was only used by scientists. Nowadays it is big business for marketers. For example, Netflix has spent 1 million dollars to a team of informatics and statistics for analysing the movie rent history of its members. As a result, Netflix was able to offer a minimum of 10% better recommendation software for the movies. But criminals start using this big data more often. The law about protecting private data isn’t following the newest development fast enough. Because of this there is a free play for anyone who wants to test out these privacy rules.

How can you protect yourself against big-data?

There are a few things that you can do to minise the collection of big data about you. It is important to never use a lot of real data about you on the internet. You don’t want criminals to play with your name, address and phone number. Besides that it is important to remember that everything you put on the internet, can’t be taken off. When you realise this you will place less private data on the internet. Delete temporary internet files and cookies regularly. It is advised to use a VPN service. With a VPN protection you can use the internet anonymously. Thanks to VPN security the websites that you visit can’t be traced back to your IP address. In this way the data can’t be connected to you.

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