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Experience the internet as the internet is meant to be

GOOSE VPN is the only real Dutch VPN provider that provides open internet for everyone. Your freedom on the internet is our mission.

  • Get the best local deals worldwide.
  • View the content you want wherever you want.
  • Protect your privacy and increase your security.

Cyber Alarm: everything under control

With the Cyber Alarm add-on you get access to our unique Cyber Alarm. With this we check your internet traffic before it goes through the VPN-tunnel with a database of billions of viruses and other digital threats.

Have a look at the page of the Cyber Alarm for more information.

Installed in three steps.
Connected in one click!

  1. Download the GOOSE VPN app.
  2. Connect with our server.
  3. Enjoy everything the internet has to offer without any limits.

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Take back control of your online personal space

Try GOOSE VPN FREE for 7 days. Installed in 3 steps. Connected with 1 click!

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