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Fighting internet fraud by vpn
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Fighting internet fraud by VPN

Downloading movies, streaming series or viewing your favorite online football club can contain notifications that trigger a specific connection, namely: a VPN-connection. While this connection is inactive, it will be impossible to watch this content online. In addition to the obstacles of entertainment channels, missing a VPN-connection can also lead to annoying situations in which reliable and sensitive information reaches out to unwanted individuals such as cyber criminals. A stable VPN-connection can open a lot of doors, but can also close a lot of unwated doors.

How does a VPN-connection work

The purpose of a VPN-connection is to ensure the privacy of the internet-user and his/her data. When browsing the internet, information is obtained from the websites. This specifically obtained information is called the IP-adress (Internet Protocol address). An IP-address refers to the current location at which the users is geographically located at that moment. Based on the obtained information, websites/companies can respond to the needs and search results of the internet-user. What exactly does a VPN-connection mean? Virtually another location is passed on to the particular website based on the IP-address. This can also provide greater certainty and security in reliable transactions such as online banking.

Benefits of a VPN

The benefits of a VPN-connection can be based on two aspects: privacy and performance. Of great importance, with a VPN-connection, you can browse the internet and  sign in on websites without being logged. Not being logged by your webbrowser ensures the privacy of the internet-user. With a VPN-connection, you will not be tracked which sites you visit or which online actions you perform. Normally it will be registered as soon as a person logs in to a site or application. In addition to privacy rules, a VPN-connection also provides higher performances. A VPN-connection will bypass the regular internetlines of private providers, which means that the connection requires a less long route from the server to the user. This results into increasing internet speed.

Threats of the internet without a VPN

Before the usage of mobile banking applications, online banking took place over the webbrowser. Secured websites were developed for this purpose, identified by the padlock icon at the top right corner of the webbrowser. With the current technology and the arrival of the mobile phone, these secured websites are losing their power. The safety measures are being circumvented with clever tricks. Well-known phenomena are the phising-mails and the Microsoftscam.
With a VPN-connection, personal information can be secured online. Losing your social media login could be annoying, but it wouldn’t mean the end of the world. If your bankaccount details were gathered by means of an unsecured internet connection, that would be a bigger threat. The use of Goose VPN protects these connection, data is encrypted securely, recognizes unsafe sites and warns you of a risk of fraud.
Nowadays, there are many opportunities for connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, which is a benefit for mobile phone users. However, there is also a disadvantage to these public networks. If you connect to these public networks, without having a VPN-connection, these public networks could access personal information without the user being known of it. Sensitive and personal information can be obtained without the user’s permission.

A VPN-connection in the Netherlands

Online is getting more and more important in our current society. The growing importance of being online also triggers the growing possibillities for fraud. Goose VPN can provide a total package for VPN-connections as one of the few in his branche. Goose VPN minimizes the barriers, regarding to streaming or browsing on the internet. Through a strong and practical worldwide connection, the service offered by Goose VPN can be used anywhere. Throughout the world, one can now use the online banking applications without worrying about being scammed or losing your confidental information unknowingly.

In today’s society, the online world is becoming increasingly important, but also increases online fraud. The solution to not getting the fuss of online fraud is a strong VPN-connection. A strong VPN-connection can lead to the privacy of personal data, the best possible use of internet performance and the greater online offer through entry of foreign online markets. Characteristic of Goose VPN, is that they provide a stable VPN-connection. If you are interested in the products and services Goose VPN can provide you, try out the first month for free to see if you like it.

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