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Using a VPN connection on a router

Have you read about a VPN connection before? Chances are that it mainly talked about a VPN connection on your phone, tablet, or laptop. But this is not where the options for a VPN connection end! In fact, with most VPN providers including GOOSE VPN, you can use a VPN connection on a router.

In brief: what is a VPN connection?

Why using a VPN connection on a router is smart we will go into that in a moment. Perhaps you are now wondering what exactly a VPN connection is. We will explain that to you in detail!

You can compare a VPN connection to a tunnel. This tunnel has not been dug to get cars to the other side of the water without floating through it. This tunnel created for your internet traffic!

Cars can enter a tunnel one way and exit a tunnel one way. A VPN connection works the same. Your internet enters the tunnel through the entrance of the VPN connection and comes out at the end. Anyone who wants to enter the tunnel of the VPN connection from any other point is out of luck and will have to enter via the entrance anyway. This, fortunately for the user of the VPN connection, cannot be done just like that.

If you are connected to a VPN connection, not just anyone can enter the connection, which means that outsiders, for example, cybercriminals, can no longer watch your internet traffic. Nevertheless, cybercriminals have some clever tricks up their sleeves to still get inside your VPN connection. Generally, cybercriminals gain access to your VPN connection simply by getting you to permit them. They often do this through phishing attacks. You can read our article on phishing attacks to save yourself from cybercriminals’ cunning tricks!

What exactly is a router?

We now know exactly how a VPN connection works. Pretty simple when you think about it now. Technical things don’t have to be complicated at all! That’s why we would like to help you with an additional explanation about a router. Because what exactly is a router? Once we know that, we can further explore why using a VPN connection on a router is wise.

With glue, you can stick two things together, and with needle and thread, you can sew two things together. With a router, you can connect two computer networks. Take your home computer network, for example. The router allows you to connect your home computer network to the internet. You might not expect it, but the internet is also a computer network.

You can compare a router to a mail carrier. All day long, the router sends out all kinds of packages. Not with that new game you ordered or that piece of clothing you waited a long time for, but a package with data.

As soon as you enter a query in the Internet search bar, a packet of data is sent to the router. This data packet contains the request for your search. The router then sends this packet to the router of your internet service provider (ISP). An internet service provider is your internet service provider, such as Ziggo and KPN.

Your internet service provider’s router takes the fastest route to the final destination of the data packet. The data is picked up from the server here and finds its way to your device, showing you exactly the right search results for your search!

Why will you use a VPN connection on a router?

We’ve discussed it before. A VPN connection makes your internet traffic secure. And a router ensures that your internet traffic reaches its final destination using data packets.

Once you have only enabled your VPN connection on your phone and not on your other devices, only your phone’s internet traffic is secured. What you do via a tablet or via your laptop, but even internet traffic via a printer, is then not secured. Using a VPN connection on a router changes this.

All devices that send their internet traffic through the same router, the router connected to a VPN connection, all use a secure connection. Even guests who stop by and are connected to your home network send their internet traffic over the secure connection!

The advantages of using a VPN connection on a router

With a VPN connection, you can enjoy a lot of benefits. Using a VPN connection on a router not only prevents outsiders from watching your internet traffic. You can also bypass geographical blocks. This is because a VPN connection allows you to easily change your IP address, making it seem like you are in a different location.

Want to watch the extensive offerings of US Netflix or US HBO max from the comfort of your armchair? You can! Just with GOOSE VPN. How cool is that!

Using a VPN connection on a router with GOOSE VPN

Are you raving about using a VPN connection on a router and can’t wait to get started? GOOSE VPN is here to help. GOOSE VPN is a Dutch provider of VPN connections that allows you to use a VPN connection on a router. GOOSE VPN’s VPN connections are reliable and easy to use as well as affordable!

We at GOOSE VPN understand that installing a VPN connection on a router can be complicated. That’s why we are happy to help you install it from start to finish. If you have created an account with GOOSE VPN, you can see how it is possible to install our VPN connection on your router at

GOOSE VPN provides a comprehensive guide for the following routers:
– Asus RT-AC66U
– Asus RT- (N16/N18U/AC68U/AC87U/AC3200)
– TomatoUSB firmware
– Netgear (L2TP mode)
– D-Link series with L2TP/PPtP support
– GOOSE VPN via OpenVPN for DD-WRT

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