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Visit blocked websites with a VPN connection

Much to your chagrin, you’ve experienced it: you want to reach a certain website from work or abroad, but you can’t access it. It is understandable that school boards and business leaders want to limit access to the internet for their students and employees. It gets worse when a country’s government completely bans access to websites such as Facebook and Google for political reasons. Visit blocked websites with a VPN connection, learn how here!

Geo-restrictions and IP addresses

Blocking the content of websites partially or completely depending on geographic location is called geo-restriction. Your location is known by the IP address of your router, smartphone or tablet. When you visit a website, you will only see the content that is intended for your location. In some cases, you will not be able to access a website at all. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Using a VPN connection

The ideal way to bypass geo-restrictions and gain full access to the internet is to use a VPN: a virtual private network (What is a VPN? ) or a virtual private network. A VPN connection uses the existing internet connections, but secret encryption of the transmitted data is applied. Complicated protocols ensure that your data is encrypted in such a way that hackers have no chance to access your personal data. Your IP address remains secret and your location is unknown.

How to bypass geo-restrictions with a VPN connection?

From the location where you are, you make a VPN connection to a VPN server in another country, for example, the United States. You then visit the website you want to reach from that VPN server in the US. You will then see all content intended for persons from the US. So you can also view the American Netflix offer, which is normally not possible outside the US. You can reach blocked websites that cannot be visited in certain countries in this way.

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What to watch out for with VPN connections?

There are many VPN service providers on the market. Make sure that the degree of encryption is as high as possible. Encryption can be done in two ways: there are 128-bit and 256-bit methods. Choose the 256-bit method; this gives the strongest encryption of your data. Also choose a provider that offers a large bandwidth: this way you get the fastest connections. Of course, check whether the VPN software supports the operating system of your PC, smartphone or tablet. Read also: Points to consider when choosing a VPN service.

GOOSE’s VPN service

By choosing GOOSE VPN you are in any case in the right place. The GOOSE VPN service encrypts your data using a 256-bit method and offers the highest possible speeds on the web. GOOSE’s VPN software is suitable for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Do you want to know more about using a VPN? Click on this link.

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