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Always back up all your files

Whether it concerns concert tickets for your favorite artist or an important presentation. You want to prevent all the files you love from disappearing with the northern sun. That is why it is wise to always make a backup of all your files.

What is a backup?

When we talk about a backup, we are talking about making a copy, also called a backup copy, of the original data stored on a device. If something happens to the original files, you can restore them with the backup. This way you will never lose your photos and videos, but also e-mails and music tracks.

Why are you backing up all your files?

There are many reasons why you back up all your files. But at the end of the day, you don’t want to lose your files. Most files are lost due to an error that is beyond your control. Therefore always be prepared by making a backup!

Most people lose their files because the device where the files are located is broken, lost, or stolen. Older devices in particular have a high chance of breaking.

You also run the risk of cybercriminals targeting your files. Cybercriminals see everyone as a potential target. They have all sorts of tricks up their sleeve to gain access to your files cunningly. With a simple phishing message or a hack, cybercriminals quickly reach their goal.

How do you back up all your files?

It is important to make regular backups. This can be done in the cloud or on an external hard drive. Do you want to protect your files extra well? Then make multiple backups.

Store files in the cloud

The cloud sounds like a magical cloud paradise, it’s just not the paradise we expect. Within the cloud, millions of files are stored on servers via the internet. Because the cloud works via the internet, you can request your files anytime, anywhere. How convenient!

Save files on an external hard drive

An external hard drive is a good tool to back up all your files. Within the range of external hard drives, the choice is huge. We, therefore, help you with making the right choice.

First of all, you can choose a hard drive that you connect to your device. Your files are copied to the hard drive via the connection between your hard drive and the device.

You can also use a network drive, also known as a NAS. You connect a NAS to your home network. Anyone on the network can store and view files. The advantage of a network drive is that you can make backups on one hard drive with multiple devices. If you only store your files on a NAS, you should remember to back up the NAS itself.

To protect yourself as well as possible, we recommend that you always make two backups. One backup that you keep indoors and one backup that you keep outdoors, for example with family or friends. The cloud is also a good addition to your backup package. Small chance of losing your files!

Reduce risks with a backup

By always making a backup of all your files, you reduce the number of risks. We will discuss the risks in more detail below.

Files are used as ransomware

Ransomware has been in the news more and more in recent years. It’s a phenomenon that previously only seemed to exist in movies but is now becoming more and more real. Cybercriminals often do everything they can to get their hands on your files. Often these files do not contain important information for them. The only thing cybercriminals are after is money. And let your files have great value for you.

Cybercriminals are playing a clever game. They steal what is yours and only give it back for money. By always backing up all your files, you are no longer a vulnerable target. You can now swim in all copies.

Device hardware failures

It often happens that a device suffers a minor malfunction. What seems to start as a harmless ailment can eventually lead to a broken device. You want to prevent all your files from being lost afterward. All beautiful holiday photos and important documents are worth a backup!

Protect your files with a VPN

Not only a backup helps to protect your files. A VPN is also a good tool for this. A VPN connection creates a secure connection between you and the internet. As a result, cybercriminals cannot monitor your internet traffic. But why is this so useful?

Cybercriminals often send phishing messages with which you eventually give the criminals access to all your files, without you realizing it. Cybercriminals need information from you to carefully compose a message that you fall for. They watch your internet traffic for this. A VPN prevents this.

By denying cyber criminals the chance of a good phishing message, your files are much safer!

GOOSE VPN helps protect your files

A VPN connection may not provide a backup, but it does help prevent your files from being stolen. At GOOSE VPN we think it is important that your files remain yours. That is why you can find affordable VPN connections at GOOSE VPN that are simple and reliable.

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