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The risk of unsafe internet at Social Media

The society in the whole world can’t live without social media. Providers, like Facebook, Facetime, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are the biggest providers from social media platforms. These providers want their users to use the services safely from all over the world. Besides that, companies can’t live without social media for the communication and advertisement with their clients. Social media accounts can offer the user acces at a easy and targeted way for a broader audience. However, the social media life is not always sunshine and rainbows!


Because of the fact that internet is more important in our society, and that the number of user from the internet are rising, the hacker activities are also increasing. For the hackers it is more interestring to create chaoas on the internet on purpose. Surprisingly it is not only the indivudals that suffer from this, but also the companies. Once cause for this is the bad security from internet user because of a bad password. Hackers have a easy time in logging it with these hacked passwords. There have been various leaks with Facebook, Flash, Paypal, Uber and WordPress

Dangers of the hacking of private data

On the internet, a lot is discussed and shared. Also the sharing of information is a important aspect with the users of different internet services. Lots of secrets can be shared by third parties. This was visible with The Fappening 2.0 when private videos e.g. Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried and Laura Ponticorvo were spread through the internet. The Dutch Laura Ponticorvo was the first victim. In 2014 lots of mail accounts from famous stars were hacked and there photos were placed on the internet. To avoid hacking in the Netherlands, a VPN connection can be a solution.

Steal login data for identity theft

Identity fraud happens more often. A few thousand times a year a identity fraud is made. The government advised to the people to handle their private data and images with the greatest care. Too many times it happens that civilians are targeted by a identity fraud. The fraud is used for multiple purchases, taking out loans and spreading personal and privacy sensitive information. Safe internet is the first step in the fight against identity fraud.

Veilig internetten

Safe internet

The biggest concern from every internetuser is to get informed well on ways to use the internet in a safe way.The first rule to use the internet safely is the use of passwords. It is recommended to have a different password for every log in opportunity. This prevents unsafe situations on the internet. Without the right passwords, logging in on your accounts from Facebook, Facetime, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter is impossible. A VPN connection can contribute to a safe online enviroment.

VPN connection

The solution to contribute to a more safe internettraffing is to use a VPN connection. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that knows lots of applications. No only the IP address is hidden, it also gives you the opportunity to watch movies, series and streams safely from abroad. Also, the hackers cant trace inlogdata when there are internet activities made with a safe internet connection

Protect your personal data

Safe use of the internet is also important when there are bank business being made. Logging in with DIGID also counts with this. When third parties get this inlog data, then the damage can’t be unseen for the internet user. Bank information, but also classified information from the government, pension or salary data from the employer had to be safe on the internet. Luckily the government and the internet users are more aware that safe internet usage cost money. At GOOSE it doesn’t cost a lot of money. You can now register at GOOSE with a 30-day money back guarantee.. The protection of the internet starts with you!

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