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Big brother is watching you: How can you use Internet anonymously

Who doesn’t like surfing on the internet? However you have to realise that surfing is not always anonymously. The Internet Service Providers (ISP) keep the data from everyone that surfs on the internet. They know how to get all kinds of personal information by controlling every step you make on the internet. The ISP’s know what websites you visit, how many hours you are active and from which location. They can then sell this information to third parties. This results in a lot of money for the ISP’s. It is at cost of your privacy. How can you make sure that you can surf anonymously, without that the ISP knows what you are doing? In this article we will give a few tips.

The incognito-mode

Lots of people think that there are fully anonymous on the internet when they use the incognito mode. If it is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, every browser has the option to use the internet ‘invisible’. If you use this option the internet history of your browsers isn’t stored. The cookies aren’t stored either. When a different person uses your computer they can’t see what websites you have visited in the browser history. However, this incognito mode doesn’t give you full anonymity when surfing. The websites that are visited in the incognito mode are stored by the internet provider and the visited websites by you. They can always trace these websites back to you. This is done by using the Internet Protocol (IP) address.

The IP-address

The IP-address is some sort of post address of your router. When you visit a website, your IP address is sent and stored. With a IP address, websites can identify and locate you. So they know exactly where you live. With simple tools has the police for example traced many people thanks to the IP address. The incognito mode makes sure that other users from your computer can’t look into your browser history. However, it is not a solution for completely anonymous internet usage.


VPN-Connection vs. ISP

The only way to guarantee anonymity on the internet is by using a VPN connection. With a VPN connection, your computer will make contact with a different, extern server. After that your internet traffic will go through this extern server. The rest of the worldwide web will think that you are using the internet from a different server. At this way, your IP address will remain out of sight.

Internet through a safe Dutch VPN provider

There are numerous companies that offer VPN connections. You can also find free VPN providers on the internet. These VPN providers however are not handling your privacy from your internet usage very well There is a big chance that they sell your data to third parties. Therefore it is advised to choose a reliable VPN provider. GOOSE VPN is a very good provider for VPN. It is a Dutch company, one that delivers a cheap service. The VPN provider is very user friendly and simple. You don’t need to have technical skills. You can now register at GOOSE with a 30-day money back guarantee. Thanks to GOOSE VPN you can use the internet with full anonymity. Who doesn’t want that?

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