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VPN’s do offer resistance against Phishing

It seemed like it blew over. Seemed, because the facts are really different. Phishing does not seem to stop or easy to prevent. This is evident from recent research by SIDN (Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland). The survey showed an increase of Phishing sites of no less than forty percent when it comes to the number of phishing sites. The Phishing study focused specifically on sites that presented themselves as the best-known brands in the Netherlands. So-called phishing domains tempt visitors to fill in personal data. This data is then used for unwanted and criminal activities, in particular clearing your bank account. Online security is at stake due to this way of working of internet criminals.

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The figures show that last year no less than 675 phishing websites – with a .nl extension – were active. Sites that pretended to represent a well-known brand. This year (2017) there are significantly more: 964. In concrete terms, this means that four percent of all domains that are linked to a well-known brand name are fake. A growth of 1.8 percent. In particular, aviation, construction and the media were most affected. Remarkably, the percentage of companies in the financial sector declined.


In the Netherlands some 50.000 phishing e-mails are sent out every day, usually the criminals send thousands of emails at the same time. The aim is often to plunder bank accounts. Such mails are often recognizable and therefore can be avoided. Very commonly, such a mail is full of language errors and there is a wrong sentence structure. There is often also a noticeable (long) e-mail address as the sender of the e-mail and the possible attachments are often regarded as suspicious by your own security. That must be a reason for anxiety. Even when people explicitly ask for personal details, these alarm bells have to ring. Actually you have to rely on your feelings; do you think you are dealing with a ‘false’ email? The delete button is always ready for you.


Anyone who wants to be sure of their online security (even against Phishing sites), who wants to be able to work safely and who wants to make sure that their data is really safe against the unscrupulous and criminals, is wise to work with a VPN service. Put simply, a Virtual Private Network (a security tunnel) between your computer and the internet activates. With such a service you can work safely and anonymously online, even on public Wi-Fi networks. If you use a VPN service, no one can watch over your shoulder. This is because you work with a different IP address and not with your own address. This is safe and also guarantees anonymity. Apart from hackers, even governments often can not see what you are doing online. With a VPN it is also possible to circumvent regional blockades and censorship.

VPN tegen Phishing


A VPN service, therefore, available whenever you need it. There are even free VPN services, although they are not recommended from a safety point of view and there is a doubt about the reliability of these free services. For a relatively low amount of money per month you already have an excellent paid service that guarantees your safety and privacy. Moreover, a free service will not offer you the speed you want.

For those who are not too technical and have less experience in this area, it is wise to go with GOOSE VPN. This Dutch provider mainly focuses on the group of ‘non-technical’ users. GOOSE VPN is also extremely advantageous, known for its very user-friendly attitude and simplicity. Check the website for more information, so you can move safely online.

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