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National Privacy Day

Celebrated on January 28 each year, National Privacy Day is a day when we reflect on our personal data and how it is used. In a world where we are increasingly online and our data is increasingly being shared, it is important to be aware of how our data is being used and who has access to it.

On this day, we want to focus on protecting our privacy. Most people don’t think about their privacy until something goes wrong. Such as when your bank details are stolen or when you receive unwanted e-mails. It’s important to know how to protect our privacy before something goes wrong.

How can you protect your privacy?

Let’s take a step back and imagine that we have no privacy. Everything we do, say, buy or even think would be public to everyone. No conversation would be private, no search would be anonymous, and no photo would be private. This sounds like a nightmare, right?

But how do we protect our privacy in this digital age? Here are some tips:

Read privacy statements
The first step you can take is to read the privacy statements of the websites and apps you use. Many people ignore these statements, but they contain important information about how your data is used and who can access it. By reading these statements, you can decide whether you agree with the way your data is used or whether you prefer to use another website or app.

Use a VPN
Another step you can take is to use a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN ensures that your internet connection is encrypted so that no one can track your online activities. This is useful when, for example, you are on public WiFi, such as in a café or a hotel.

Use a strong password
In addition, it is important to use strong passwords and to change them regularly. Many people still use passwords that are easy to guess, such as ‘123456’ or ‘password’. This makes it easy for hackers to break into your accounts. By using strong passwords and changing them regularly, you can protect yourself from hackers.

Adjust the privacy settings
Finally, it is important to know how to adjust your privacy settings on social media. Many people are unaware of how much information they share on social media and how this information is used. By adjusting the privacy settings, you take control of this yourself.

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