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Are you a student abroad? This is why you need a VPN!

It is quite exciting to move abroad but also very cool. You explore a new country, make friends for life and start a study.
Although it’s great to study abroad, you also face challenges. While you build your new life, you still miss the home front every day.
To make the transition to a new country easier and to make the most of this great experience, a VPN is indispensable for a student abroad.

What is a VPN?

First of all, let’s get acquainted with a VPN. Before you can get started with this tool, it is useful to know exactly what a VPN is.
A VPN creates a secure connection between you and the internet. When you are connected to a VPN, your internet traffic is protected and other parties can no longer see who you are or what you do. Perfect if you want to surf the internet safely and anonymously.

How does a VPN work?

You can do all sorts of cool things with a VPN. One of the main reasons to use a VPN is to surf the web anonymously. What you do on the internet is nobody’s business. It does this by encrypting your internet traffic. Only you and the receiver of the internet traffic can read the content. For example, your messages and credit card details are off-limits to hackers.

A VPN also ensures that your IP address is shielded and that your device is linked to the IP address of the VPN service. An IP address reveals your location to services on the internet. By exchanging your own IP address for an IP address of the VPN service, hackers and other parties cannot trace your activities back to you.

The great IP address swap trick makes it possible for you to pretend you are in another country from your student room. For example, are you studying in the Netherlands and are you originally from America? By connecting to a VPN server in America, you can, for example, watch American Netflix or American HBO Max in the Netherlands. But you can also circumvent censorship in this way, if, for example, WhatsApp or Facebook are not available in a country.

For these four reasons, you should use a VPN as a student abroad

1. Access online banking

Banks take several security measures to prevent someone else from logging into your account. For example, banks often receive an indication of fraud if they log in from an unknown location.
With a VPN connection, you can avoid this problem. Choose a VPN server in the right location and access online banking without any hassle.

2. Connect with the home front

Sometimes it is difficult to make contact with the home front from abroad, via channels such as Facebook and Instagram. It prevents certain countries from blocking these channels.
Keep the home front informed about your life by switching locations with a VPN.

3. Score cheap flights home

Of course, you want to visit your family and friends back home every now and then while you study abroad. Unfortunately, flight tickets are often quite expensive, so you cannot just book a flight. There are airline ticket sellers that determine ticket prices based on your location. For example, you will see cheaper tickets in India than in the Netherlands. Change your location to a country where prices are cheaper and score the best deals!

4. Protect your privacy

Your online privacy is extremely important. Unsecured internet does not fit into the ideal of surfing the internet privately. By using the internet unsecured, your personal information can fall into the wrong hands.

From now on, secure your internet traffic with a VPN so that no one can watch what you’re up to on the internet.

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