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What is IPv6?

Data traffic on the internet goes through various protocols. One of these protocols is the IP, internet protocol. This protocol ensures that every device with internet access has a unique address, an IP address. With Goose VPN you change your IP address, so that you stay private.

IPv4 has been used as a protocol since the start of the internet. But already in the 90s the successor came, IPv6. Our latest Windows Update has something to do with this, which is why we would like to explain more about this.

What is IPv4?

IPv4 is currently the most prominent internet protocol. All current online services and websites use it and require IPv4 support from users. IPv4 uses addresses of 32 bits. 8 bits fit in a byte. A Byte is the size with which a computer removes something from the memory. This makes around 4.3 billion addresses possible. That seems a lot but IPv4 has almost no possible address combinations, all of these have all been published over the years. That is the reason that IPv6 has been developed.

Why IPv6?

The internet became very popular in the nineties. It soon became clear that IPv4 was not resistant to the future with a maximum of 4.3 billion available IP addresses. IPv6 should solve this shortage, with 128 bit addresses. Although IPv6 was already introduced in 1998, it is still not the most used protocol today.

benefits IPv6

IPV6 has so many IP veinses, it is unlikely that they will run out. IPv6 has around 340 sextiljoen (1 with 36 zeros) addresses possible (for clarification: 340,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000). In recent years you see that more and more companies have started to use this. IPv6 is faster, more efficient, more flexible and safer than IPv4.

New Windows Update Goose VPN

Until the beginning of this year, however, it was not yet supported by the large internet providers such as KPN and Ziggo. Because of this it was not a priority for us, but also other VPN providers to support this. Recently it is possible via KPN and Ziggo to use the internet via IPv6, which is why we have an update for our Windows app. With this update this is turned off again when using Goose VPN, so that your IPv6 address does not leak out.

Download the latest Windows version here

Why only a Windows update? IPv6 is often automatically on Windows, without you as a user. With other devices this often has to be set manually.

Goose VPN & IPv6

Of course we do not sit still and we will work on it to also support IPv6. We will of course also bring a message from this when this is possible. Do you have questions until then? Then always contact our support via [email protected]

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