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The difference between the surface, deep web, and the dark web

For years, the internet has been our rock. What’s funny is that we can compare the internet to a rock. Well, with an iceberg. Like an iceberg, we can divide the internet into three layers: the surface, the deep web, and the dark web. In this article, we are going to talk about the difference between the surface, the deep web, and the dark web.

The three layers

We can therefore divide the internet into three different layers. The first layer, the surface web, is the tip of the iceberg that protrudes above the waterline and can be seen with the naked eye. The second and third layers, the deep web and the dark web, are hidden below the waterline. How are these layers put together? And what is the difference between the surface, the deep web, and the dark web?

The surface web

We take you on a trip to Greenland. Around this beautiful island, you will come across the most impressive icebergs by boat which is perfect for our example.

Imagine that you are sailing around Greenland in a fast boat with an icy wind in your face. Promptly the boat stops sailing so that you can take a picture of the mountain. The photo shows only the tip of the iceberg. The ice below the surface of the water is invisible.

The tip of an iceberg can be compared to the surface web. These are websites that are listed in a search engine and that you can easily find based on certain words. If you type “What is the deep web?” in the search bar of a search engine, you will get an overview of web pages on this subject.

By simply opening your browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox, you can surf the surface web. We almost all do that every day. Research by We Are Social and Hootsuite found that there are 4.66 billion internet users worldwide.

The deep web

Now that you are floating on the boat in the water around Greenland, you become curious about what can be seen under the water’s surface. Together with an experienced diver, you go into the water a few days later. The first thing you see is the center of the iceberg. What an impressive sight!

The middle part of the iceberg can be compared to the deep web. In the deep web, you will find web pages and websites that are not included in the search engine. Think of a video on YouTube that you uploaded privately or the web page on which you make a bank transaction.

You don’t just get access to the deep web. For this you need, for example, login details or a special link that you have received.

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The dark web

Once in the water, you go deeper and deeper until you see the bottom tip of the iceberg at a certain point. You quickly take a photo with the underwater camera and return to the water surface together with the specialist.

You can compare the bottom of the iceberg with the dark web. The dark web is mostly used by those who would like to remain anonymous using the dark web.

The underworld of the internet, as the dark web is also called. In this ominous place, you will encounter things you would rather not see. The dark web is full of drugs that are sold, but also guns, assassins, and illegal pornography can be found in this dark place.

You don’t end up in the deep web by accident. For this, you have to take several specific actions yourself, and that is for the better. A place like this is not the best place to hang out. One of the most famous tools with which you can reach the dark web is The Onion Router.

In short: the difference between the surface, deep web, and the dark web

The internet mainly consists of the deep web. To reach this place you usually need a login code. The dark web is also not easy to reach. You will never end up here via a normal search engine.

While we use the surface web and the deep web daily, the dark web is a place most of us don’t go.

The danger is around the corner

When we search for something on the internet, we usually look on the surface web and on the dark web. The deep web is not a place that we spontaneously end up in. What people like about the deep web is that you can use the internet anonymously. In this place, you can do whatever you want without anyone else seeing. Yet the deep web is also a dangerous place.

The danger is also lurking on the surface web and on the deep web. Cybercriminals are only too eager to get something from you. You have to be careful, especially on the dark web. Every link you click or file you open can lead to a malware infection. Of course, you want to solve that as quickly as possible.

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Use a VPN connection

The difference between the surface, the deep web, and the dark web are, among other things, that you can use the internet anonymously on the dark web. But does this outweigh the dangers of the dark web? We think not! With a VPN connection you can surf the internet anonymously and risk-free.

A VPN connection is a secure connection between you and the internet. Outsiders cannot see what is happening in this connection. Your internet traffic cannot fall into the hands of someone else. For those who want to use the internet anonymously, yet securely, a VPN is the perfect solution.

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