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Security cameras, are they safe?

It’s more common that (security) cameras are hacked than you’ll probably think. And this is not only in companies, but also cameras on your private property or even in your home! Some people have their house surrounded with these cameras, because it gives them a safe feeling. But how safe is it, all these cameras on your companies or private property?

Bye safety!

The cameras can easily be hacked! And this can have a big impact, because this allows the hacker to watch every step you make. Imagine that you have cameras around your private property and these cameras will be hacked. The hacker can see exactly when someone enters your property. But also, who leaves your property and can notice when there is nobody on your home. This enables them to know exactly when you go to work or on holiday. For the hacker it’s an easy game. A hacker has often not the best intentions, and if the hacker wants to rob you they know exactly when you’re not home.

Bye privacy!

So, it’s actually too ridiculous, because we use the cameras for our safety. But actually, our privacy is more limited. Many of the cameras are wireless which is very useful, because they can be placed anywhere on your property. The only problem is that these wireless cameras are connected to your Wi-Fi and this offers the hackers the possibility to hack your cameras.

It is not just security cameras but also the webcams in your smartphone, laptop or in your TV! This gives hackers also the possibility to monitor everything in your house. This way they can watch every step you make. So, you have no privacy anymore, with your smartphone they can follow you all day.


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