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Watch the Winter Olympics abroad with GOOSE VPN

You’re a sports fan and like to follow every match, especially when the Winter Olympics take place. You want to see those heroic rides of your favorite athletes live. The final is already weeks circled on your calendar, but what happens.. Just before the important matches your employer sends you on a business trip abroad! How are you going to watch the matches when you are abroad?! You don’t want to experience the match by only reading who won on the internet. In this article you will read how you can prevent this. You are only a few steps away of watching the Olympics abroad.

Watching the Winter Olympics on a secure stream?

The Olympics abroad, that sounds appealing. But how does it work? GOOSE VPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN), it will ensure you all the freedom on the internet by a secure and encrypted internet connection. This connection encrypts your communications and protects your data, offers you the highest possible speeds and change your location and IP address. It only takes a few steps and you’re unlimited and safe online. Series, movies and other programs that are normally blocked for you by foreign restrictions are now freely available. And you will get all this for only 2,99 per month. The first 30 days will be for free, so you can try GOOSE VPN the first 30 days without risk and you can cancel anytime.

The inconvenience of online restrictions is history

Previously it was far from easy and stress free to stream live events abroad. It was accompanied by poor image quality and unstable connections, because of the security on local networks. With GOOSE VPN your identity is encrypted on the internet, so you have access to high-quality live streams of the Olympic Winter Games! Watch here exactly how GOOSE VPN works.

Don’t settle for summaries

You can easily enjoy your favorite programs, series or movies abroad through an encrypted connection. When you are on a holiday enjoying your cocktail, but you are a little bit annoyed because you can’t see your favorite sports game. Or you want to see a match, but you are waiting on the airport. Don’t settle for the summaries or stories of your friends anymore! Look on the devices of your preference. You can connect to the Virtual Private Network through your mobile, laptop or iPad. Regardless of the operating system of your device: Windows, iOS or Android.

Great service

Installing a Virtual Private Network will be done in a few steps. The steps you will have to make can you find on this page. But maybe you still have some questions, such as how to guarantee your privacy? The answer to your question can be found here for sure. Otherwise our staff will always be ready to directly post a comment in the chat.

Ready for kick-off?

By installing GOOSE VPN on your computer you will have immediately access to your favorite streams, anywhere in the world. Get the first month completely free! Install our software and see the Olympic Games when it suits you, on the devices you prefer.

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