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The importance of a strong password

It should be clear that we generally create bad passwords. The password 123456 and qwerty are two of the most commonly used passwords worldwide. The originality is hard to find with these passwords. 

Not all of us are aware of the importance of a strong password. That’s why we fall back into our old habits time and time again. After all, a simple password is easy to remember. Some only need to look up the most common passwords online to find their password.

A weak password gives the hacker hope

A hacker can retrieve your password in several ways. One time it goes more smoothly than the other, but often they work it out.

Ready list from the internet

A weak password gives the hacker hope. Often, hackers only need to grab a ready-made list of the most commonly used passwords from the Internet to retrieve someone’s password.

Watch your internet traffic

A common way hackers find out passwords is by watching your internet traffic. Hackers can track your internet traffic through all sorts of clever tricks. Passwords are also at risk.

A digital treasure hunt for data

In other cases, a short digital treasure hunt will suffice. Your name in combination with your date of birth or the name of the bunny you loved as a child. A hacker sees a password everywhere! The importance of a strong password is therefore also great.

Crack password with a special program

Have you ever experienced that you forgot the four-digit code of your suitcase? In total, you can try 10,000 combinations to finally open the suitcase. Hackers can use this strategy to retrieve your password. With a special program, a hacker can release password combinations to gain access to your account. Do you have a weak password? Then the hacker will be in no time!

What is the importance of a strong password?

You might have guessed it. It’s hard for hackers to figure out a strong password. When a hacker does try, the hacker often comes home with a rude awakening!

The importance of a strong password is clear. Now the only question remains: How do you create a strong password?

Stand strong with a strong password

A handful of people use strong passwords. That is not positive news. A strong password is virtually impossible to guess. Sometimes it takes hackers ages to crack a strong password. A hacker doesn’t want to wait that long.

We at GOOSE VPN are happy to tell you how to create a strong password. Your online safety is our priority!

Minimum 10 characters

A strong password consists of at least 10 characters. The longer your password is, the longer it will take hackers to recover your password.

If your password consists of 8 characters, it can take hours for the hacker to crack your password. And for a password of 10 characters, the hacker needs months. If your password consists of 12 characters, it can take ages for the hacker to crack your password.

Use different characters

Make it difficult for the hacker to figure out your password by using different characters. With a combination of lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and punctuation mark to deter hackers.

Every website has a different password

Nowadays we have a lot of accounts with their username and password. It is easy to use the same login details for all accounts, but be careful. If the hacker manages to find out one password, the hacker can enter everywhere. You want to avoid that!

Do not use logical sequences

Logical sequences such as 123456 and abcdefg are more readily understood by hackers than illogical sequences. A password like 4mqpoz#!nsk9& is much more difficult to retrieve. 

Change your password regularly

It is important to change your password regularly. If the hacker has retrieved your password, this password will no longer be of use to the hacker after a while.

Repel hackers with a VPN

A strong password makes it difficult for hackers to retrieve your password. But there are more ways to stop hackers and their evil intentions. A VPN connection is a good example of this.

A VPN connection is a secure connection between you and the internet. This secure connection ensures that outsiders can no longer watch your internet traffic. Hackers are also unlucky! They can no longer look for your passwords this way.

Use the VPN connections from GOOSE VPN

GOOSE VPN understands the importance of a strong password. We, therefore, think it is extremely important that you transform your passwords into strong passwords as soon as possible. Preventing hackers is also of paramount importance to us. Our VPN connections help with this.

GOOSE VPN’s VPN connections are made for everyone. Our VPN connections are therefore not only reliable and easy to use. They are also affordable. Together we can fight against hackers.

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